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The Sewing Answers Sewing Collection includes everything you need to learn to sew. This is just part of what you receive.

Secrets of Sewing

Of Sewing

is your three hundred page in depth and comprehensive sewing course.

My Magnificent Sewing Machine has Secrets of sewing machine repair.

My Magnificent Sewing Machine

is a complete training course in the care, maintenance, service, and repair of sewing machines. This course will save you hundreds of dollars in  sewing machine expenses over the life of your machine.

Rotary Cutting Guidebook

The Rotary Cutting Guidebook

reveals secrets to project layout and cutting techniques to maximize your accuracy and speed.

 My Sewing Dictionary

My Sewing Dictionary

helps you master the complex language of sewing and quilting by providing detailed definitions to over three thousand sewing and quilting terms. The ebook gives complete explanations, and illustrations to make it easy to understand sewing terms.

My Sewing Dictionary Software

My Sewing Dictionary Software

is easy to use software that you keep on your desktop for quick and easy reference whenever you need to know what a sewing term means.

School Needlework

School Needlework

is a classic instruction manual revealing how to do sewing by hand.

 The Sewing Answers Sewing Collection comes complete with workbooks and loads of bonus resources.

My Magnificent Sewing Machine with secrets of Sewing machine repair workbook

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Secrets Of Sewing Workbook

 learn sewing machine repair TNT

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 Sewing Show And Tell
Shares How To Sew

What could be more depressing than to create something truly beautiful, and have no one every see it?

When we pour our hearts and souls into a project, we want someone to notice; someone to appreciate our accomplishments. Perhaps, nothing is depressing than to have no one to share passions and achievements.

One solution is to surround yourself with people who share your passion. Show them how to sew and all of you learn how to sew a little better. Filling your life with people who genuinely appreciate your creative accomplishments is easier than you might think. What you need is a Sewing Show and Tell group.

Sewing Show And Tell is a gathering of people interested in some area of sewing who come together for the purpose of sharing how to sew their creative results, seeking inspiration and new insights about their hobby, and encouraging one another to expand their sewing skills, knowledge, and activities. It may be called a club, a group, a gathering, meeting, or even a party. It may be organized by friends, sponsored by churches or other non-profit organizations, hosted by sewing retailers, or developed by a sewing teacher. There is no single set up or design for a Sewing Show N’ Tell.

Sewing Show And Tell is for youth and/or adults who love to sew, want to learn, desire inspiration, and are willing to encourage others. The goal is to share passion for sewing.

At our Sew And Quilt Stores in central Texas, we have dozens of groups that include Sewing Show And Tell ingredients. For example, each store has a monthly program we call Sewing Club which is a sponsored Sewing Show And Tell group with a general focus on sewing including any areas of sewing that the participants are interested. Share how to sew and everyone is blessed.

Our sponsored Sewing Club is attended by people who love sewing includes beginning sewers and experts; hobbyists and professionals; quilters and sewing teachers; young and more mature. Attendance runs from five or six up to fifteen. The group is hosted and led by store owners, educators, or technicians. While there is flexibility, and there are some differences from one store to another, each group includes a short demonstration of a new sewing technique, introduction of new sewing products, and often a project. The majority of the time, however, is spent sharing projects, techniques, and ideas among the participants. Often attendees will have questions or challenges. The group provides encouragement and help.

How can you find a Sewing Show And Tell?

1. It is highly likely that a Sewing Show And Tell is meeting in your area right now. If you live within a few miles of a large town or larger community, you can be confident they exist, but it may not be a snap to find them.

2. Traditional ways to find things probably won’t work. It is highly unlikely that you will find a group listed in your yellow pages, local internet search, or even associated with most fabric shops. Sewing Show And Tell groups seldom advertise on billboards, TV, or radio. Most Sewing Show And Tell groups are independent and small (less than fifteen members). Most have limited if any affiliation to any regional or national association.

3. Finding a group, however, is not as big a challenge as you might think.

4. Try contacting your local church if you live in a more rural area. Local ministers, pastors, and priests often are aware of lots of small groups beyond the standard Bible groups. Church women’s groups frequently sponsor groups with special hobby interests.

5. Try looking in your yellow pages for your local sewing machine dealer.

a. The greatest source in your region for sewing expertise, sewing classes, and sewing groups is the sewing machine store.

b. Most sewing machine stores have expert sewing teachers as well as excellent technicians, but they also actively support, sponsor, and encourage everything to do with sewing including promoting Sewing Show And Tell groups.

c. Often local quilt guilds and chapters of the American Sewing Society have programs that either support or sponsor sharing groups. Your local sewing machine store personnel should be able to put you in contact with such groups.

6. Specific Focus: Finding a group may not be as difficult as finding a group focused on your specific area of interest.

a. For example, if your area of interest is Heirloom sewing, you may find a dozen Sewing Show And Tell groups in your area focused on paper piecing, general quilting, embroidery, clothing, or home decor.

b. If you discover you can not find a group focused on your specific area of interest, you might consider joining the next best thing, or a group whose focus is as close to what you are looking for as possible.

7. Or, you might consider starting your own Sewing Show And Tell focused on your special area of interest.

What it all comes down to is sharing how to sew so the whole world can enjoy your creative expressions and just may learn how to sew too.

Donna Trumble is a professional designer, seamstress, author, sewing educator, and sewing business owner. She leads several Sewing Show And Tell groups in her stores guiding participants to shop sewing machines and learn about sewing and quilting.



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