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 7 Steps to peak performance for sewing machine repair

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 Secrets Of Sewing contains over 200 pages full of sewing instruction, sewing resources, tips and tricks.  If you are serious about sewing, you need this book.

My Magnificent Sewing Machine reveals the secrets of sewing machine repair, maintenance, and care.  Now you can keep your sewing machine operating at peak condition between annual services, or even do you own sewing machine repairs.  The comprehensive support materials and bonuses provide exceptional insight to understanding and using your sewing machine.

The Rotary Cutting Guidebook is vital for speedy, accurate, and professional quality cutting out of patterns, pieces, and materials.  This resource will make sewing easier, faster, and more precise then ever before.  

My Sewing Dictionary gives you an ebook full of over 3,000 sewing terms defined, explained, and even illustrated.  Plus it comes in an easy to use software program that you can install and quickly access right on your desktop.  Just start typing.  Even if you are not sure exactly how to spell a term, the software will find the term and give you a detailed definition.  If you ever wondered what some of those strange sewing and quilting terms meant; now you have the answers at your fingertips.

Bonus Materials worth hundreds of dollars contain both valuable and entertaining resources to enrich your sewing experience.  The workbooks guide your learning experience to maximize your understanding and help you apply the principles and skills taught in the ebooks. 

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 7 Steps To Peak Performance For Your Sewing Machine
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