Sewing Machine Tips

 Each page below contains valuable information on the use, care, maintenance, and service of your sewing machine. These tips and the instructions help make sewing easier and more fun. To access a page just click the link. 

  • Sewing Machine Quick Fixes
    Sewing Machine Quick Fixes offers tips on how to keep your sewing machine operating properly between professional services.
  • Adjust Bobbin Tension
    When you learn how to sew many sewing machine users overlook the essential skills required to adjust bobbin tension. This is a critical part of knowing how to sew.
  • How To Balance Tensions
    How To Balance Tensions On A Sewing Machine is a vital skill for every sewing machine user. Learn how to sew by mastering tensions.
  • Carefree Sewing
    Carefree Sewing 5 Easy Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips help avoid problems.
  • How To Adjust Stitches
    When you learn how to adjust stitches on your sewing machine you gain vast potential and creative possibilities. This is a big part of how to sew.
  • Sewing Machine Repair -Thread Bunching
    Sewing Machine Repair -Thread Bunching or How To Repair Thread Bunches Under Fabric is a matter of eliminating the causes one by one.
  • Antique Sewing Machine Help
    Antique Sewing Machine Help requires special considerations and expertise. Be sure you get the right help.
  • Who Invented The Sewing Machine And When
    Who invented sewing machine and when? When was the sewing machine invented? Discover the history of home sewing machines.
  • Sewing Machine Feet
    Sewing Machine Feet - How many feet do you have? Or I should say, how many feet does your sewing machine have?
  • Repair Sewing Machine Blog
    Repair Sewing Machine Blog provides tips for sewing machine users and technicians to better service and maintain sewing machines.
  • Bernina USA
    Bernina USA provides direct link via RSS to the Bernina consumer site.


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