Sewing Machine Buying Guide -Mini Sewing Machines

Mini sewing machines are a perfect example of the old saying, good things come in small packages.



Theyre super-compact and ultra-lightweight; these little powerhouses are small enough to fit easily into a crowded kitchen, craft area, or dorm room, and the smallest models can even be packed in a suitcase or stowed in a desk drawer. They come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and theyre versatile enough to suit beginners and expert sewers alike.


One of the most attractive things about these small machines is the tiny price tag. Most mini sewing machines are very affordable, coming in at a fraction of the price of a full-size machine.


Mini sewing machines are available in many types, ranging from super-simple hand-held models for basic craft and mending chores to scaled-down versions of standard machines. Minis are available in both electric and cordless styles.


What to look for in a mini machine


The key to getting the right mini sewer is to match the machine to the tasks you need to perform.


If youre looking for a fast, convenient way to do quick mending and make repairs on the fly, you may want to consider the super-lightweight hand held models that can be tucked into a drawer and used with no set-up.



If you need simple sewing capability for craft projects, a hand-held may do the job. But if you want a little more versatility and power for your craft projects, look for tabletop mini models. They offer more options than hand-held units, but they still have a super-small footprint. Tabletop minis can be stowed on a shelf or out-of-the-way corner, and their super light weight makes them extremely portable.


If you're in the market for a very basic machine for a beginning sewer, a mini machine may not be your best option. These little units perform admirably, but they're pretty task-specific. If you're introducing a child between eight and 12 to sewing you might want to consider a machine made specifically for kids rather than a standard mini. And if you're looking for a very basic machine for a beginning sewer who is over 12, a compact machine could be a better choice.
By: RA Butters

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