Sewing Machine Buying Guide - Computerized Sewing Machines


Modern computerized sewing machines have greatly improved the efficiency of clothes stitching in recent years. Relative to traditional sewing machines, computerized models have greatly reduced the cost and time required to produce and alter high-quality garments.

Today's top sewing machines are powered by impressive computer technology which is an electronic loop stitching system. This technology greatly improves on the efficiency of traditional hand stitching. This technology allows the machine to create an automated process by which the sewing needle only partially passes through the fabric, allowing for a continuous motion to improve the speed and accuracy of the process. A motorized needle bar ensures continuous motion, which are controlled electronic gears. After the needle point passes through, a loop is created in the fabric, which is the core that ensures proper needlepoint.

Electronic sewing machines are capable of a wide variety of stitches, including a simple chain stitch which relies upon a looping hook that move continuously, in unison with the motorized needle. A presser foot ensures that the material stays in place, while a feeder continues to pull the material forward for additional loops. The result is a process that can quickly stitch large pieces of fabric. Commercial machines also utilize a shuffle hook and bobbin to improve on the speed of the process, relying upon a continuous process.

Computerized machines are programmed to stitch complicated fabric based upon algorithms within the machine. For example, a computerized machine is capable of diagonal stitches which are not possible without human intervention in a traditional electric sewing machine. With integrated memory which is capable of replicating patterns, computerized sewing machines are capable of complicated patterns, which are generally only possible through hand embroidery. The machines can be programmed with custom patterns or connected to a removable memory disk which has a program based on a customized set of software. For those seeking to program a complicated set for a variety of clothing patterns, computerized machines are capable of reproducing designs over a wide variety of garments.

Modern computer driven machines offer more flexibility and capabilities than a traditional design. You can download a wide variety of common patterns on which you can build, saving quite a bit of time over traditional sewing patterns. While the machines can cost more, you can save countless hours over traditional sewing methods. In addition, you can pay for ready-made patterns, allowing you to produce unique garments in virtually no time. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional clothes maker, computerized sewing technology is much more efficient than traditional technologies. By saving time and money over the standard production process, small businesses are more reliable able to scale up their operations to meet consumer demand. In many ways, computerized sewing has leveled the playing field for local merchants to compete with mass market imported apparel companies on the regional level.

There are a wide variety of computerized machines on the market today, ranging from entry-level models to those with commercial applications. You can also get customized software with high-end machines which greatly increases the velocity of production from the planning stage. Artists who are accustomed to producing designs using graphic software can become adept in designing patterns which can easily be duplicated. One mass market machine is the Brother 700 series computerized machine, which is designed for personalization of a wide variety of garments. Priced competitively, the series brings commercial technology to the personal marketplace. Singer has also introduced a series of Quantum Futura models which bring its top end industrial technology to home users. With over 100 integrated stitch patterns and a programmable interface, the series allows home users and clothes to generate patterns from virtually any media source.

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