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Choosing The Right Sewing Machine For You.

Selection and variety are good, but having so many options can also make it confusing to make a decision. So it is for choosing the right sewing machine. There are several sewing machine manufacturers, and each one has several lines of sewing machines with several models in each line. This article first reviews the history of America's premier sewing machine manufacturer: Singer Sewing Co. It then discusses several lines, models, and features of Singer sewing machines for sale.



Singer has been manufacturing home sewing machinesfor almost 160 years. Singer was founded in 1851 by Isaac Merritt Singer. Singer's revolutionary innovations made it the leading manufacturer of sewing machines in the United States with two short years. Singer has never stopped innovating since that time. No other company has contributed nearly as much to the evolution and improvement of the sewing machine as Singer Sewing Co. Two of Singer's most recent innovations are the SwiftSmart ThreadingTM System and Drop & SewTM Bobbin System, which make tedious threading and bobbin tasks a breeze so you can spend more time getting creative with your sewing.


Singer sewing machines are well-built and made to last. And every singer sewing machine for sale is backed by a 25-year limited warranty. Singer has also focused on making its sewing machines easy to operate, even for beginners. Many features on singer sewing machines are accessible with the touch of a single button, and Singer has made menial, time-consuming tasks like threading the machine and loading the bobbin both fast and fool-proof.


Singer has a wide selection of sewing machines: from starter sewing machines for beginners to highly sophisticated embroidery sewing machines for avid sewers. Let's break them down into a few categories, and then we'll look at some of the models within each category. The main categories of sewing machines are:


1) Embroidery sewing machines these machines can talk" to your computer to turn a complex design you create using embroidery software into a home-made work of art in a matter of minutes

2) Electronic sewing machines these machines have time-saving electronic" features, such as single-button selections, automatic needle threaders, automatic buttonholing, drop feed, etc.

3) Basic sewing machines these machines are still electric-powered, of course, but they don't have as many electronic buttons and automated features


Singer's product lines generally coincide with the categories of sewing machines above. The Futura line is Singer's line of embroidery sewing machines. The following lines are electronic sewing machines: Curvy, Confidence, Touch & Sew, Advance, Ingenuity, Precision, as well as a handful of other machines. And these lines are basic Singer sewing machines: Inspiration, Esteem, and Simple.


Within each product line, there are usually several sewing machine models. For example, the Confidence line has the following electronic sewing machines: 7463 Confidence, 7465 Confidence, 7467 Confidence, 7469 Confidence, and 7470 Confidence. Within a particular product line (such as the Confidence product line), the higher the number, the better the sewing machine in terms of features, capabilities, stitch options, etc. Note that this rule does not necessarily apply when comparing one line of sewing machines to another line.



To illustrate, let's compare the 7467 Confidence to the 7469 Confidence. Among other differences, the 7469 has 98 stitch patterns, 7 one-step buttonholes, and 12 frequent-use buttons whereas the 7467 has only 70 stitch patterns, 3 one-step buttonholes, and 6 frequent-use buttons.


Some people assume that a higher model number correlates to a higher difficulty of use. Generally, that is not true. And in many cases, the opposite is true. Higher model numbers (within a product line) have more features and options, but oftentimes those upgraded features actually make operating the sewing machine faster and easier, not more complex.
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