Sewing Machine Buying Guide - Brother Se350. 

Sewing Machine Review
Of The Brother Se350 Embroidery Machine.

The Brother SE350 computerized embroidery-and-sewing machine could be considered a good starter machine for someone just entering the wonderful world of machine embroidery.

Having said that I don't mean that it is only capable of minimal functions, this is not the case at all. What I am saying is that it is very user friendly.

The machine itself is reasonably lightweight, you can take it around with you with minimal effort and it doesn't need anything special with regards to needles or bobbins.

It has been suggested that it is best to buy the PED basic software when you purchase the machine as this allows you to have access to the thousands of designs on the internet.

To call 8,000 designs just a few is not understating the case, there are literally thousands and thousands of designs available to you.

It has a cut thread feature which is a definite plus when you are working on something large like a duvet cover or curtains in fact anything with a large area of material, it would be hard to locate your sewing area to cut this thread otherwise.

This machine really is excellent for a beginner, the instructions are so easy to understand. The manual is also a boon to a beginner because it gives so many regular sewing tips and hints to get the beginner started producing quality items. With a video showing you how the embroidery functions work you should be able to get started very quickly.

You get everything with the machine to get you started, all except fabric. You will have to provide that, otherwise everything is there, nothing to hold you back.

Another innovation is a button to activate the machine, this is in addition to the foot pedal. You can use either, whichever is suitable for what you are doing at the time.

If you are into embroidering monograms and the size letters you require are not included in the machine, there are pes files with much larger fonts that you can get free or inexpensively online and these can give you the ability to produce letters up to 4" high.

The best way to start when you get your new machine is to take the time to really read the manual and watch the DVD. Then start out just trying the different stitch options perhaps do a little embroidery. If you don't rush into things you will get to know this particular machine's individual functions. Even though you may have experience of other Brother machines you are bound to find that individual models like the Brother SE350 can have differences. Give yourself time to become acclimatized.

I think that the use of craft felt is good for practising because you don't need to use stablizer fabric with it, it is thick enough.

One of the great functions of this Brother SE350 is that you are warned if you are making a mistake, not only that but you are told how to fix the problem.

One thing that could be considered a drawback is that you are limited to 4" x 4" size designs.

There is not a lot of room when you come to change feet or thread the needle by hand. You need to be careful also when you remove the bobbin cover - it is small and can be easily lost when you have a big sewing job on the go.

The machine would be perfect if it had a scanner.

Sometimes when attempting to embroider a string of words you might find the machine stopping after each letter, but another time it will complete the word no problem.

The in-built designs are a bit old-hat now and should be changed because I don't think they will appeal much.

Having said all that this machine is great value for money and will give you hours of fun and satisfaction from the professional looking results you can produce.

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