Sewing Machine Buying Guide - Brother Combo

The Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machines Do So Much More
Than Sew.

You could be forgiven for thinking that computerized Brother sewing and embroidery machines are beyond the novice. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You probably think you already need to be able to embroider manually, likewise sew, to be able to understand the machine. I am not saying that if you do not have any experience of sewing or embroidering at all that you will still be able to produce work in five minutes flat. However, the instructions you receive with these Brother sewing and embroidery machines is very good plus most of the time they are in video format and seeing something being done is a lot easier to understand than mere words.

The changeover from regular sewing to embroidery is quite easy as is changing from one color to another. The new SE-270D is a very quiet machine when performing ordinary stitches and even when embroidering it isn't that noisy.

If you wanted to download designs from the Internet you would have to buy an add-on called a SmartBox, this allows you to download free designs which are then turned into readable instructions for the machine to turn these designs into embroidery. All very clever.

You can buy memory cards which have designs from the manufacturer's card library, but they can be quite expensive. I think it probably is more economical to buy the SmartBox and download free [or very inexpensive] designs from the internet. Plus there are thousands of these designs available so you will never run out of possible designs.

You can always turn clip art or even photographs into embroidery designs in fact anything you see, even designs from greetings cards.

Don't think that new computerized combination sewing and embroidery machines are too complicated to use, you will be surprised to find that they are not. You will be able to produce good work without being totally overwhelmed with the new technology.

The Brother sewing and embroidery machine SE270D I think you will find will be worth every cent you spend.

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