Sewing Machine Buying Guide - Bernina Aurora 440

Why It's the Best!

Another excellent piece of sewing equipment is that Bernina 440 QE. It has many standard features that are found on most models of Bernina sewing machines, such as the Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR, a patented feed system that means you'll always get a perfect stitch, regardless of the sewing speed you are using. Another very handy feature is the slide speed control, which allows you to set your stitch speed by sliding it for faster or slower speeds. This allows you to focus more time on the parts that need it, and get through the parts that don't.

Known for its quality workmanship, a Bernina will often outperform such well known brands as Husqvarna, Brother, and Juki sewing machines. The simple on-screen selection of stitch pattern makes it easy to go "seamlessly" from one type of stitch to another, at the press of a button. And that ease of use is another factor in the popularity of Bernina sewing machines. They offer more than workmanship and power; they offer the ability for even a novice user to create professional designs.

Of course, if you are buying the best car, you expect to pay for that perfection. Purchasing the highest quality sewing machine is no different; you'll have to pay more to get the features that only a machine of this calibre offers. For those who know these machines, a Bernina 440 is a bargain at any price, because it makes itself indispensable for quality work.

The Bernina 440 also has optional software, BERNINA Editor Lite Software, which will allow you to make on-board modifications to a design before you being to sew it, giving you complete control of every aspect of your embroidery creations. This software comes bundled with the Bernina Embroidery module, so be sure to ask about it when you make your purchase.

A Bernina Aurora sewing machine, as you've seen, is a state of the art piece of equipment, used by masters all over the world who want the simple perfection and unique features that only Bernina uses in every machine. They are expensive, but there really aren't any competitors for the quality you can expect, without paying even more than you would for a Bernina 440.

Take the time to fully investigate a Bernina 440, and compare it to other machines, like the Bernina 830. For the money, you just aren't going to find a better deal. A Bernina 440 QE is the perfect mixture of speed performance and innovation to bring out the best you have ever sewn.

Follow the links for the Bernina Aurora sewing machine and read the best sewing machine reviews on other leading brands such as Elna, Husqvarna and the Juki sewing machine.

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