Secrets Of Sewing

Secrets Of Sewing

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Your Comprehensive Resource
To Learn How To Sewing!

These instructions for beginners in sewing are practical, easy to understand.

More advanced sewers will be amazed by all of the helpful tips and find their sewing
easier, quicker, and more successful.

Here you will find crucial details
on the origins and scope of sewing
that will enable you to effectively serve your customers. 

Reference the development of
Hand Sewing Arts and Machine Sewing. 

Discover the history of the
major sewing machine manufacturers and inventors. 

Master the most common sewing techniques. 

This resource covers the basics as well as the more advanced tips and techniques of modern sewing.  Secrets Of Sewing reveals essential information about needles, threads, fabrics, and sewing tools.  With the information in this three hundred plus page resource you will understand your sewing customers and be better equipped to meet their needs.

Secrets Of Sewing teaches you how to use basting stitches, satin stitches, blanket stitches, blind hem stitches, and more.  It instructs you on how on critical sewing techniques like stitch in the ditch, mitered corners, applique, and much more. 

Not only will this resource help you be a better serve your customers; it will empower you to be come a highly capable sewer.

Get the information and instruction on sewing you need to guarantee your sewing success every time, every project.   Sew and quilt with confidence Explore the vast dimensions of modern sewing. Explore your endless sewing possibilities.

  • Learn the answers to your sewing questions.  
  • Discover sewing solutions to your sewing challenges.  
  • Learn how modern sewing developed. 
  • Understand how to match fabric, thread, and needles.  
  • Discover the magic of Velcro, zippers, and elastic.  
  • Find out about sewing notions, and tools for sewing. 
  • Uncover the secrets of successful sewing.  
  • Learn how to sew safely.  
  • Learn how to eliminate frustration and enjoy sewing.  

This ebook 300+ page sewing resource is full of photos, charts, tips, and tricks well worth $69.95, but you will not have to pay anywhere close to that for this vital resource.

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Secrets Of Sewing
Secrets of Sewing

This workbook is a vital companion to Secrets Of Sewing.  Not only does it provide a practical guided study through the vast resources of Secrets Of Sewing, it provides loads of exciting sewing project.   These projects empower you to master sewing and enjoy quick easy results.

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