How Does A Rotary Cut?
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How to cut with a rotary cutter?
Using a rotary cutter and rotary cutter mat.
Compare rotary cutters.
Rotary tools for quilting.
How to cut fabric for quilting?
How to cut continuous fabric strips?
How to cut bias strips for quilts, rotary cut. 

“The Rotary Cutting Guidebook”

        This guidebook is your comprehensive authority and instruction book on the use of sewing scissors, rotary cutters, mats, and rulers in sewing and quilting.

How to cut with a rotary cutter. Using a rotary cutterFrom: Donna And David Trumble
Sewing Answers.Com Editors

 Dear Reader,

As professional sewers, we understand the challenges of modern sewing.  Things are different today.  We have more tools, better tools, and exciting new techniques to make our sewing easier, more fun, and more accurate. 

 Donna and I have spent many hours thinking of ways to make your cutting simpler and easier.  When you have been doing things for years, you actually forget exactly how you do them.  They become habit. 

In writing this book, we reexamine our own cutting practices highlighting the good habits and casting aside the poor ones.  We even find a few new tricks to make the whole process quicker and easier.

 Our hope is that this sewing resource will empower you to enjoy sewing more than ever.  While your skills improve and your cutting becomes all good habits for safe, quick, easy, and accurate cutting, remember, this is fun.  Every project we cut out offers amazing possibilities. 

 “The Rotary Cutting Guidebook” opens with an in depth discussion of traditional cutting tools and techniques used in sewing and quilting.   How to cut with a rotary cutter; using a rotary cutter and rotary cutter mat;  how to cut continuous fabric strips; how to cut fabric for quilting; and how to cut bias strips for quilts. Compare rotary cutters, and rotary tools for quilting to achieve the very best rotary cut.

It includes tips on how to choose a quality pair of sewing scissors, how to maintain, use, and keep sewing scissors in top condition for years.  It reveals insights to holding scissors in a special way that reduces stress while increasing accuracy. 

“The Rotary Cutting Guidebook”  provides step by step instruction on how to cut out fabric and patterns using scissors.  Plus, it tells about the many specialty scissors that make sewing quicker and easier such as embroidery scissors, sewing shears, pelican scissors, and thread snips.  

 “The Rotary Cutting Guidebook” explains and demonstrates step by step how to cut fabric, patterns, and projects quickly and easily with a Rotary Cutter and Rotary Cutting Mat.  You will learn how different brands and models of Rotary Cutters and mats compare.  You will discover practical tips to cut straight cuts with precision and curves with ease. 

“The Rotary Cutting Guidebook”
reveals secrets to using straight, curved, and pinking blades for perfect rotary cutting and creative success.  You do not have to be afraid of Rotary Cutters.  This book shows you how to use rotary cutters in ways that make them far more safe than traditional cutting systems.  Beginners will find precious tips for safe rotary cutting.  More experienced rotary cutter users will uncover a host of advanced techniques that will make using a rotary cutter invaluable. 

Ten Reasons
You Need
“The Rotary Cutting Guidebook”

 Ten: “The Rotary Cutting Guidebook” teaches you how to properly use the more traditional cutting tools.

 Nine: “The Rotary Cutting Guidebook” show you how you can build your very own cutting table for easy cutting.

 Eight: “The Rotary Cutting Guidebook” shows vivid photos of scissors, rotary cutting mats, and rotary cutters.

 Seven: “The Rotary Cutting Guidebook   gives you tips on how to buy the best values in scissors, mats, and rotary cutters.  Compare rotary cutters.

 Six: “The Rotary Cutting Guidebook” reveals new ways to speed up the cutting process.

 Five: “The Rotary Cutting Guidebook” is full of photos that show you how to cut fabric and patterns safely.

 Four: “The Rotary Cutting Guidebook” teaches you how to hold scissors and rotary cutters for maximum comfort, safety, and cutting accuracy.

 Three: “The Rotary Cutting Guidebook” demonstrates step by step how to cut using patterns, pattern weights, templates, and rulers.

 Two: “The Rotary Cutting Guidebook”  will make your sewing and cutting faster, easier, and more accurate
than ever before.

 One: The Rotary Cutting Guidebook” will give you confidence to cut out your projects like a pro.



  How to cut with a rotary cutter. Using a rotary cutter

In this resource you will discover answers to your cutting questions.  You will learn:

How to choose the right scissors, thread snips, embroidery scissors, pelican scissors, and more?

How to cut with sewing scissors?
How cut out patterns and fabric?
How to choose the right cutting table?
How to build your own cutting table like a professional?

How the rotary cutter cuts?
How to choose the right Rotary Cutting Tools?
How to choose the right Rotary Cutting Mat?
How to heal the surface of a Rotary Cutting Mat?

How to cut with a rotary cutter?
How to cut continuous fabric strips?
Using a rotary cutter and rotary cutter mat.
How to cut fabric for quilting?
Compare rotary cutters and, rotary tools for quilting. 
How to cut bias strips for quilts, for the best rotary cut.

How to hold and use a Rotary Cutter safely and accurately?
How to cut quilt pieces with a Rotary Cutter?
How to square fabric for perfect grainline?
How to cut endless fabric strips?

How to use the Rotary Cutter to cut out garments quickly and easily? 

“The Rotary Cutting Guidebook”

 Practical Answers to Your Questions about scissors and rotary cutters.

ü       Satisfy your desire to know the ins and outs of cutting by getting detailed answers to your questions.

ü       When you have questions, you now have the answers.

 Step by Step How To Instructions

ü       Learn how to properly hold and use scissors  and rotary cutters for perfect control and best possible comfort.

ü       Find Tips for using scissors, rotary cutting mats, cutting tables, and rotary cutters.

ü       Tips for cutting with rotary hooks ease and safety.

ü       Learn how to square fabrics.

ü       Learn how to use rotary cutter with quilting.

ü       Learn how to cut continuous fabric strips.

ü       Learn how to use rotary cutter with garment construction.

ü       Your sewing will be quicker and easier than ever before.

ü       Eliminate your sewing frustrations and confusions.

ü       Follow the step by step instructions to certain success.

 Illustrations & Photos

ü       Techniques come alive through vivid pictures and drawings.

ü       Step by step illustrations guide you to success.

 “The Rotary Cutting Guidebook” is no ordinary book, it is an interactive sewing resource that you need to help make your cutting quicker, easier, and more accurate.

 A simple how to book with all this content would easily sell for up to $49.95.

 Your price is only $29.95.

Special Added Bonus

How to cut with a rotary cutter. Using a rotary cutter

This exciting new book brings the words of our American heritage alive in a fresh new way.  Read the awesome words of the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, Patrick Henry's Give me Liberty of Give Me Death, Washington's Farewell Address, and much more.  Now enjoy these great historic documents with exciting audio clips narrated by Dr. David Trumble.  Each page is reproduced with vibrant patriotic backgrounds you will love.

VALUE $29.95

  We are certain that you will love “The Rotary Cutting Guidebook”, we guarantee it. 
You can not lose!

How to cut with a rotary cutter. Using a rotary cutter

   If for any reason “The Rotary Cutting Guidebook”, fails to meet your expectations within 30 days; you may request a full refund.  That is a 100% unconditional money back guarantee.

         We are confident you will use this book as a constant reference book to enhance your sewing experience for many years to come. 

Order Now!  With the click of a mouse, you can be on your way to exciting cutting adventures with “The Rotary Cutting Guidebook”.

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  Just $29.95 For Everything Listed Above

Thank you for visiting and considering “The Rotary Cutting Guidebook”, we appreciate the opportunity to answer your sewing questions.

 Thank you,


Donna and David Trumble
Sewing Answers.Com



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