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My Magnificent Sewing Machine

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Rotary Cutting Guidebook

The Rotary Cutting Guidebook

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My Sewing Dictionary

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My Sewing Dictionary Software

My Sewing Dictionary Software

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School Needlework

School Needlework

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Petite Dollhouse Pieces: Layout Suggestions

Planning and Preparation with your Miniatures.



Plan your dollhouse design, and expect to follow that plan. A plan will help you avoid pitfalls like spending too much or buying the wrong items. The essentials that you will want to have to start are a floor plan and a budget. A floor plan will consist of measurements, color, furniture pieces, and a good rough outline of the room. There is a plentiful supply of examples of good room designs both online and offline. Take a note book and jot down things that you would like to add, modify, or change with your plan. Compare your notes to your current plan and change it if necessary. Now that you are ready to buy, you will want to break out your budget to make sure that you don't overspend. It does not matter how great a miniature is, if it makes you overspend you probably will regret it when you need that money for other items. If you find a piece of furniture that is over your budget apply your patience and save until you can purchase it.


Dollhouse Exterior Design


When you have completed your dollhouse you will want people to admire the outside of your dollhouse just as much as they do the inside. The first thing that everybody looks at is the paint and the shingles. Three coats of high quality paint, recommended for dollhouses, is the minimum for dollhouse display. When you are applying the shingles first die them and then assemble them with ruler drawn lines to avoid mistakes. In addition to the paint and shingles a couple of accessories like a barbeque or bird house will add to the attractiveness. You can even have some small flower pots to place in the window seals. Lighting is another addition that will really help the look of the outside features. Put some porch lights on, and if you have lit the inside it will make the glow through the windows appealing on the outside as well.


Adding a Mood


Designers might know about lighting, and colors, but only the great ones design for mood. The mood of the room is chosen by the expectations of those that do, or plan to use it. An example is that you would have a kitchen to eat, have conversation, relax, cook etc. A bedroom would have a personal setting to illustrate the mood of that individual and help them feel comfortable. Just as houses are dictated by mood, a great dollhouse should as well. To help you get in the mood setting, picture the room and the feelings that emanate from that room, then design colors, furniture, and styles to match that setting. As you increase your miniaturist talent with your own dollhouses people will notice the particular moods, and even though they can't quite put there finger on it, they will be impressed.



Miniature Decisions: How Many Pieces of Furniture


One of the miniature furniture decisions that you will have to make is answering this question: How many miniatures can I have in one room?It depends on the size of the room and what you are trying to say. First, it is not only messy but wasteful when you buy more than you need. Second, the more stuff that you put in the more fresh clean space that you will be left without. You must realize that space itself can have its own designing capabilities. The empty space gives your eyes a chance to relax on those miniatures that are in the room. On the other hand if you have too much space then you simply ask: Is that it?As there are many answers to one puzzle this is just another scenario where you need to play around with it until you have a knack for it.
By: dolly c

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