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You can learn how to sew free if you are willing to search for free information and apply lots of trial and error. 

Many independent sewing machine stores and fabric stores offer periodic classes without charge. 

There are many articles on various sewing subjects available on line.  This website Sewing has  hundreds of helpful articles available at no charge. 

Secrets of Sewing

Yet, if you are serious you can learn how to sew free only by joining a charity sewing group.  For example, there are carity sewing groups that sew lap quilts, caps, or other items to be given to indigents, children, hospitals, orphanages, or other similar projects. Often these groups will host sewing events where members come together to sew.  Since the materials are donated, and since there are often extra sewing machines available; this is a rare opportunity to learn how to sew free and practice your sewing.

You can contact your local sewing machine, fabric, or quilt shop for information on charity projects in your area.

With just a little money to spend, you can learn how to sew even faster and easier.

There are three things you will need. 

First, you must have access to a good quality sewing machine and develop the skills to use it properly. 

You can find your best sewing machine option at a local sewing machine dealer where they will demonstrate, educate, and support everything about your machine.  For example, if you buy a good machine for say $500.  You would get the machine.  You would get a whole series of free classes plus access to many more great sewing classes just because you bought your machine from your local dealer.  It is important to understand that most dealers are committed to helping you really learn how to use their sewing machines with confidence.

Second, you can get loads of help from ecourses, books, and magazines.

You can come pretty close to your goal and learn how to sew for free.



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