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Book of Needlework reveals how to sew hand sewing arts.

Book Of Needlework

Creative Needle Arts teaches how to sew by hand. 

Creative Needle Arts

Little Fingers reveal how to sew by hand.

Activities For Little Fingers

Encyclopedia of Needlework teaches how to sew by hand.

Encyclopedia Of

LACIS reveals how to make lace and how to sew by hand.

History Of Needlework

Irish Crochet reveals how to crochet or sew by hand.

Irish Crochet


 School Needlework reveals how to sew by hand.

School Needlework

Secrets Of Sewing teaches how to sew so people can learn how to sew.

Secrets Of Sewing


 Learn How To Sew Tutu's

How To Make a Tutu

If you have young daughters then I am sure at some stage your little cherub has wanted to dress up as a princess. Learning how to make a tutu for your little girl can be loads of fun for both of you and can also be very inexpensive. You can also use your new found talents and make lots of Tutus for your friends children or even make some money by making tutus as a small business.

The first thing you will need to do is to decide what sort of tutu you wish to make. Is this just for your daughter or are you looking to make some money. If you are starting out by making your little princess a nice tutu then you can simply measure her up and purchase the amount of tulle that you need. I would recommend you run the tape measure around the widest part of your daughters waist and take a measure from there.

Once you have worked out what length your daughters waist is double that measurement and purchase your tulle accordingly. That way you can double up the material and give the tutu a light but full body. You will also need some elastic which is about an or shorter than the measurement of your daughters waist. This will keep it nice and tight and save it from falling on the floor.

The next thing you will need to consider is whether or not you are going to sew your tutu. You can simply tie the tulle around the elastic and tie the elastic together or fire up your sewing skills and sew everything together. If you tie the elastic then I would recommend you also tie some tulle over the knot to hide it from view and of course put it in the back. You could also add a nice bow to completely obscure the knot.

There are lots of accessories that you also might consider when you make a tutu. Things such as fairy wings, wands, hair pieces and other items to add a little flair and bling to your tutu.

For more information about how to make a tutu read this series of short articles here How To Make A Tutu.

If you are looking for a fantastic and inexpensive guide that tells you everything you need to know about making a tutu then you must visit this fantastic site Make A Tutu

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