Learn How To Sew Men's Fashion.
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Learn How To Sew Men's Fashion with Dress For Success

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Learn How To Sew Men's Fashion

Are you the next Ben Sherman?

Designer, manufacturer, and men's fashion giant; Ben Shermon like so many other imigrants changed his world and made a forturne doing it. 

A Brief History of The Legend That Is Ben Sherman (Mod God)



The man himself was born Arthur Benjamin Sugarman, Brighton, England in 1925.


He moved to the United States in 1946. Where he married a succession of women. It was in California he learned about the garment trade. His third wife's father was a successful manufacturer, owning 2 swimwear companies.


In 1962, having gained American citizenship, Arthur moved back to Brighton England.


The following year of 1963, the Ben Sherman brand was born.


The Ben Sherman shirt was both unique, and radically different from any other shirt.


The unique features included, Front button down collar. (Button holes on each side and tip of the collar.) The collar Itself was large. The tips of the collar were then secured with a small button sewn to the main body of the shirt.


In addition, the collar had a extra button, at the centre back. This held the collar in firmly in place.


Other features included, Plackets cut on the Bias. Each shirt had a black label, bearing Ben's name, sewn into the left hand upper seam of the left hand pocket.


His shirts sold in vast quantities, throughout Britain, Europe and the United States.


Ben's shirts were adopted as essential wear by the ever increasing youth cult of the time, known as the Mods.


Ben opened a showroom in Carnaby Street, London.


At the same time, 1967, he opened his first shop in Duke street, Brighton.


2 More shops followed, both located In London.


Since those early days The company Ben Sherman has experienced massive growth and Business success. Now being one of the largest apparel manufacturers in the world.


The company has diversified into, ladies wear, Boys wear and accessories. In addition. Ben Sherman now offer a very commercial range of Footwear, along with a more specialist range, which has a directional edge, aimed at the Mod fashion market.


Ben Sherman is truly a brand on its own. It retains its distinctive heritage to this day and is recognised by people the world over.



Since 1996 Cazual have been authorised stockist of Ben Sherman. Our extensive range covers the entire current collection.


This Range includes; The world famous Oxford button down collar shirt in most colours. We have just introduced a range of specialist wear for the Mod enthusiast. From the famous Mod Fit range of shirts, to a range of shoes with pure distinction.


Our current range of main stream Ben Sherman clothing includes shirts, short sleeved Polo shirts, T Shirts and the world famous Harrington Jacket.

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