Learn How To Quilt - Basics

Quilting Basics - Learn Everything You Need to Know About Quilting

Where do you start? The first thing to do is find a straightforward pattern and there's masses of info to help do this, whether it is from books, mags or web sites, all you've got to do is spend time researching quilting basics.

Choose a pattern which will best fit your quilt top. If your material is detailed then a straightforward pattern is best. Or if the material doesn't have lots of detail then something more detailed would definitely give your quilt more depth.

When you're selecting the batting, glance at the density if it is 100% cotton then you need to quilt each 1/4 to 2 inches. If it's a mix of polyester and cotton then each 2-3 inches.

There are your basic patterns which are superb for beginners and then you can learn the more complicated ones as your talent level increases. Some of the basic quilting designs are :

Outline quilting, diagonal lines, single straight lines, basketweave, stipple, echo, parallel lines, double lines, crosshatch grid, diamond crosshatch, feather, free motion and in the ditch quilting solely to cite a couple.

Remember the quilting is to improve your blocks and borders. So learn these patterns and get quilting!

Learn the way to do quilting knots: Use thread that matches your background material. With the index finger and thumb hold your needle on your leading hand. Get the other end of the thread with the other hand and bring the needle and the thread together.

Hold the needle and take the thread between the same thumb and finger. Wrap the thread round the needle twice with your other hand. Press the thread with the fingers holding the needle.

At the same time as pressing the wrapped thread, with the other hand pull the needle till all of the thread has gone through your fingers. At the end you need to have a tiny knot.

You'll not get it the first time, it just takes practice. When you have done this put your needle into the front of your block, but not through the other layers, a 1/2in. from where you would like to start and pull the needle to the edge. With a tug pull the thread till the knot is within the block, then begin stitching.

Another quilting basic is the simple way to square up your blocks. It's not relevant how careful you are there are going to be issues.

Place your block on your mat and employ a square ruler, the ruler should be near to the edge, you do not wish to be in a position to see any of the mat under the end of the ruler and cut. Once each block is squared then the final blocks will be precise when stitched together.

There's a lot to digest on quilting basics, but it is actually worthwhile spending quality time learning these abilities to make great looking projects.

Don't forget to start off little and straightforward and most significantly follow instructions and then steadily work your way up to making something more complicated.

Dorothy Grounds is a quilting expert. Discover The ULTIMATE Guide For Quilting, Learn The Secrets How To Quilt Marvelous Crafts Effortlessly! Learn more information about Quilting Basics, visit

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