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How To Sew A Button

Sewing a button is a fairly easy job. Almost anyone can learn how to sew a button.

To start with, you have to select buttons that go well with the garment. Buttons can be of two main types: sew through (with two or four holes) or shank (with a pierced protrusion on the back side). Basic (plain) buttons can be used for securing clothes. Designer buttons beautify apparel in addition to securing them.

After selecting the buttons, you need to find a thread matching the garment. A needle and a pair of scissors are also required. Once all the equipment is close at hand, you can begin sewing. First of all the thread has to be inserted into the eye of the needle. Take a double strand of thread, tie a knot at its end and then insert the thread into the needle.

The second step is to locate the position on the garment where the button has to be sewn. Two things have to be kept in mind - there should be equal distance between different buttons and the buttons should be parallel to the corresponding buttonholes. Insert the needle with the thread at the ascertained position from the backside of the garment such that it appears on the front. Make a couple of stitches on the fabric without the button. These stitches will provide an anchor to the button. Place the button over the stitches. If it is a sew-thru button, make 3-4 stitches through each pair of holes fastening the button to the garment. Thereafter encircle the stitches under the button with the thread twice or thrice in order to secure the button to the fabric. For a shank button the procedure is slightly different. The button is fastened to the garment by running the thread through the hole in the shank. As with the sew-thru button the shank button has to be secured to the garment by winding the shank with the thread.

After the button is secured to the garment the final step involves securing the thread to the garment by making a few small stitches under the button and then tying a knot.

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