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Of Sewing

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My Magnificent Sewing Machine

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Rotary Cutting Guidebook

The Rotary Cutting Guidebook

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My Sewing Dictionary

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My Sewing Dictionary Software

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School Needlework

School Needlework

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My Magnificent Sewing Machine with secrets of Sewing machine repair workbook

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Secrets Of Sewing Workbook

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How To Sew With Silks Of Assam

India is a large centre for manufacturing, importing and exporting different kind of fabrics and silk is one of the most important products in this category employing more than 700,000 families based in states like Assam, Karnataka and West Bengal. Export is done on a large scale for many silk based products like saris and blouse.



In Assam and other parts of India, ERI, MUGA and TASAR are the most popularly manufactured silk varieties and production is done on a rapid rate for many fabrics but mainly silk. The product produced from these varieties like blouse and saris also differ in quality and look.TASAR is the weakest among them and outdoor rearing hampers the performance of this variety. The issue with ERI is the same clubbed with inadequate quantity of foliage. The best of the lot is MUGA; a gold colored variety and produced in mass scale in Assam. India is facing stiff competition from China and this is a fact that poor and cheap quality is being imported in India from China which is paving way for other countries to advance way ahead from China


The astonishing fact is that this important member of fabrics family is produced and consumed mainly for its homeland only. The demand is rising every year by 10% and major importer for silk is Germany. Indian Government and International countries are expanding the subsidies and one can expect better and superb results in future with new companies are in pipeline to become part of silk industry in Assam.


The products of silk like saris and blouse must be taken almost care and one must use steam iron as a recommended option.


The Indian history has many examples and scenario which shows this is an Indian discovery and textile industry has started in 15th century. Optimum climatic conditions and geographical features are the key points and differentiate India from other country for silk harvesting and production.



The important product is versatile, durable and elastic and used numerous times and people prefer it due to its softness with power and rot resistant making it a favorite choice in the world. It is definitely expensive and excels over its counterparts. The main component in silk is protein and it also acts as insulator for electric wires. The major secret of silk lies in its quilting liver which provides warm to human body and protects heat from dissipating. Silk is also produced with killing the insects called as cocoon and these variety is preferred by Jain and Brahmin and making its presence across the Indian Population.However, Fine woven silk product is in huge demand and this is the main reason it if often afford by elite and high class society as it is expensive


Overall silk is a priceless fabric attracting exporters, consumers from around the world. It is the duty and responsibility of Indian exporters and giant corporate to pay attention first to company interest and provide better output in an economical way to reach middle and lower class people in India and survive and top the chart of silk production through out the world. The appeal of silk sarees is eternal. Experience their magic with Assam silk sarees.
By: Utsav

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