The Value
Professional Sewing Machine Repair

can not be over emphasized. The number one reason sewing machines breakdown is neglect. But you can remedy this situation and save hundreds of dollars all at the same time.
My Magnificent Sewing Machine reveals the secrets of sewing machine repair.

 Magnificent Sewing Machine

Now discover the secrets of sewing machine repair for yourself.  This ecourse is designed to lead the beginning sewer step by step to understanding how the sewing machine works, how to maintain it, and how to service it. This 240 page ecourse comes loaded with sewing machine resources and bonuses.

Secrets of Sewing Machine Repair, My Magnificent Sewing Machine Workbook.

To guide your learning, a step by step workbook is provided with the ecourse.

 learn sewing machine repair TNT

Sewing Machine Repair TNT

reveals the tips and tricks the pros use to maintain, service, and repair sewing machines.

 learn sewing machine repair manuals

Repair Manual Collection

A special collection of manufacturer's parts and service manuals are provided for educational purposes to help you learn the essentials of sewing machine repair.

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Today, Sewing is the world’s greatest hobby. While it use to be a crucial skill for survival, sewing today offers new horizons of self expression and creative joy. Today sewing is fun, relaxing, and deeply satisfying. You will find it easy to learn how to sew too.

When people think of sewing, many think of different things. In the broadest sense, the term “Sewing” denotes the use of thread and needle in a much wider range of activities and needle arts. “Sewing” may be divided into two categories:
1. Hand Sewing Arts
2.Machine Sewing Arts.

Machine Sewing Arts.

The focus of this article is how to sew Machine Sewing Arts. From this point on, this book will detail, discuss, and illustrate the world’s greatest hobby in terms of sewing and the machine sewing arts.

These include: Clothing Construction, Embellishment, Quilting, Heirloom Sewing, Home Décor, and Crafting. The common thread linking all of these needle arts is the sewing machine. Each of these areas of sewing arts uses the sewing machine in slightly different ways and apply it on different kinds of projects, but all of them use the sewing machine.

Sewing Machine Clothing Construction

Clothing Construction is the grandmother of all sewings, and includes use of hundreds of different stitches and techniques. The sewing machine is used to sew seams, hems, staystitching, understitching, and decorative applications. When most people first start to think of how to sew, they think of clothing.

Once clothing construction was considered an absolute necessity, but today it is part of the best hobby in the world. Yes, you can save money. Now you can make your own clothes so they truly fit and look good on you. Instead of paying a thousand dollars for a dress, you can make it for a couple hundred. Instead of having to wear the same thing everybody else is wearing, you can create you own fashion statement with a one of a kind, Wow!

The personal touch is yours to make. You can purchase ready made clothing which often do not fit, and make the alterations for perfect fit. You could have it altered at seventy five to a hundred dollars, or do it yourself for free. Imagine buying a hundred dollar suit with a missing button, or poor fit for just a few dollars on clearance. You can quickly and easily turn that reject into a treasured suit. You can do it.

There are classes, books, and many other supports to help you learn how to sew.

Heirloom Sewing

Heirloom Sewing involves decorative use of lace, trapunto, twin needles, and winged needles. The possibilities are fantastic. You can make beautiful treasures to be enjoyed generation after generation. Your sewing machine becomes a tool for heritage building. Heirloom sewing truly gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the intricacies of how to sew.


Home Décor

Home Décor is sewing of window treatments, upholstery, and decorative items like table runners and wall hangings. A house is simple four walls ceilings and floors, but sewing home décor empowers you to make it a home where everyone will feel comfortable, relaxed, and at home.

This is the world’s greatest hobby. It is not as much a matter of cost, you could hire a professional and pay thousands. But nobody can take away the feeling of pride you have when you know, you did it yourself.

You can make pillows, throws, wall hangings, table covers, afghans, Christmas tree skirts, curtains, draperies, window treatments, chair dresses, and more. You can make your home truly special.

This is practicality at its height demonstrating how to sew with purpose and usability in your home or office.


Embellishment shows how to sew with enhancements beyond ordinary items such as Clothing and Home Décor items with Appliqué, Embroidery, And Special Thread Applications. Make ordinary things one of a kind spectacular. This is the world’s greatest hobby. It is fun, easy, pride boosting, self expressing, and practical too.


Quilting involves how to sew with multiple layers together. You can make quilts, blankets, garments, and wall hangings. You can make practical items to keep you warm or decorative items to bless the eyes. You can do simple piecing or elaborate long arm quilting. This is the world’s greatest hobby.


Donna Trumble is a professional designer, seamstress, author, sewing educator, and sewing business owner. She leads several Sewing Show And Tell groups in her stores guiding participants to shop sewing machines and learn about sewing and quilting.

David Trumble is a sewing professional, author, semi-retired minister, sewing machine technician, and CFO of Temple Sewing And Supply, Inc.



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