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Secrets Of Sewing

Secrets Of Sewing

 is a comprehensive sewing instruction program with over 300 pages of vital sewing information. To help you maximize your learning, it comes with a helpful work book designed to guide you step by step to learn to sew.

Secrets Of Sewing Workbook

In addition to the core textbook and work book, there are several very useful bonuses that you will treasure for years as you learn to sew.

My Sewing Dictionary and software helps you learn to sew

Sewing Dictionary

is a vital tool for you as you learn to sew. There are many specialty terms used in sewing, quilting, and crafting that have special meanings. My Sewing Dictionary provides both a PDF ebook format and an easy to use sofware that makes it easy to acces the definition and explanation of each sewing term.

The Rotary Cutting Guide enables you to learn how to sew quickly and easily.

The Rotary Cutting Guidebook

Many beginning sewers overlook the special skills and details involved in laying out patterns as well as cutting out patterns and fabrics. The Rotary Cutting Guidebook reveals the vital secrets you need to learn how to sew and cut out your projects.

To learn more about this special instruction course CLICK HERE.

For more learning opportunities explore the complete sewing education package.

To Learn about hand sewing and needle arts CLICK HERE.

How to sew fashion sewing- dress for success

How To Sew Green Fashion

10 Fabulous Fashion Revival Tips - Simplicity of Recycling Old Clothes Back Into Fashion

In the fashion world of reality have you never noticed how latest trendy fashion designs what clothe boutique shop mannequins - duplicate creations designed decades ago. If your keen eye espied this, then does this not tell you something? Yes that's right, the clothes mum and granny wore in their hey-day could have you after a few minor alterations be the envy of all your friends. A rummage in the closet of the grey haired or blue rinse relative can save you time and money.

Revival of fashion rejuvenates from flower power hippie bell bottoms into flares. The bolero jacket turns box coat, and back on the scene with vengeance the pointed shoe once referred to as the "winkle picker," oh and not forgetting the square toed "chisel". I ask who is responsible for such unappealing names. Mind you back in the days of the Beatles the mention of winkle picker was so desirable it was like music to your ears. In reality chic trendy fashion items are not changing with the times - only the name.

Being fashionable is not about designer labels but the actual design of the outfit itself. The style layout is fashion and not the designer. Think about it, Versace and Gucci have been around for years so nothing fresh or new here, only what they create. The huge demand for fake designer labels is saving the fashion conscious a lot of money. Why pay through the nose for something you can not see or the person you wish to impress. Designer tags are sewn on the inside of most garments. Is there a reason for this? Could it be the shame of charging extortionate prices?

Save pennies today and salvage moms clothing donation for the local jumble sale. Bargain buys come in a multitude of choice from local charity shops and car boot sales. Some folk embarrass easily over wearing another`s cast offs (second hand) and this is understandable. If you can swallow your pride then a cycle wash with fabric softener will have the garment smelling fresh and looking like new leaving you with spare coppers in your pocket. Remember not all items for sale in second hand shops, are second hand.

Why not consider designing your own clothes and create a new image for yourself. Set your own trend/style. Fashion is determined by your way of thinking. If you think something is nice you wear it and vice versa. In saying that we have those regardless of how hideous they look in an outfit continues to strut the walk looking like a freak.

If you follow particular fashion behaviours then make sure they compliment "you" and your shape. If you choose to ignore this advice then be warned

Take heed of the fashion reminder "What goes around comes around" Remember moms' clothes were once chic and fashionable so why not again. Fashion is about attitude and if positive is in there somewhere, better still for recreating. If the golden oldies attire is not for you then try spice up other garments regardless of which person it belongs too.

1. Neck ties or any kind of neck adornment like scarves, chokers, boot laces and tastefully twisted rope can make a huge impact on how a plain dress/blouse looks. Dickie bows and cravats are fabulous finishing accessories.

2. Bring out the calling in colours - let them shout. Clash colours if you want to get noticed. Stripy shorts and polka dot tights (green red yellow) whatever your preference in colour will turn heads.

3. Use colourful ribbon to make a flash impression. Get it out of your head (excuse the pun) that ribbons are solely for the hair.

4. Tights and socks with funky inexpensive bits and bobs sewn on create an affective finish.

5. Liven up old belts with sequins, bows, studs, chains, rhinestone, pearls or beads

Anyone can revive their wardrobe by recycling their clothing.

1. A long skirt can be shortened. Short skirts can have layers added e.g. ra ra style, tassels or fringe.

2. Remove dress or blouse sleeves to create a sleeveless one. If a dress has pockets embroider with fancy stitching or sew on flower motifs.

3. Not familiar with a needle and cotton that's okay, you can purchase fusing and permanent glue products for many tasks.

4. Feathers are fabulous and fancy and glue easy.

5. Leave your mark on a pair of plain slacks by running a satin strip down the leg, waist or hem. Cheap inexpensive trims can add oomph, sparkle and elegance and can be obtained from craft and fabric stores.

If you can knit then take advantage of this trait and knit a shawl or woollies i.e. sweater or scarf and decorate with a brooch or other type decorative pin.

It is simple to accessorize with a brooch. The brooch can be pinned to one side of your neckline towards a sleeve or in the middle of your neckline highlighting the bust. Gather the material and attach the brooch to your bra strap. This creates a unique neckline and offers a wide range of possibilities for clothing items. Fashion magazines are a fine source for ideas. The finest craftsmen in the world who work on gems and Jewelry are Indian`s, and look how they present themselves at the time of a tribal war dance.

Good fashion sense tells us not to go over our budget and that we don't want to wear the same outfit over and over, hence more reason to be able to create. It is best to find a look that best suits your personality. Not all trendy fashion designs are created for each individual, individually, so therefore you must feel comfortable before you can feel stylish.

Chic fashion designs come and go! Don't hold back on buying classic wardrobe accessories. As long as you have imagination they will never go out of style.

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