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How To Sew Faux Fur Or 
Guilt less: Faux Fur

Like any other guilt free passion you may indulge in, come and discover the beauty of faux fur! And yes it is 100% man made, so you know no animals are part of anything you are wearing. Faux fur is as warm as real fur, equally beautiful, soft and luxurious. Fashion industry leaders, designers and animal lovers have all converted happily to faux fur. Faux fur rugs have been used in homes and offices.



Fake fur coats may include characteristics similar to natural fur. For instance, faux fur coats designed by the renowned Tissavel include guard hair to enhance the look and feel and imitate the real deal. Decorative textiles can be used as throws, bedcovers, wall covers and so much more. Most fabrics are ornamental and can be used to do up your furniture or as pillow covers.


A number of stores provide lush fabrics for creating your own designs and uses. They even have a catalog of designs and help is available to sew them! You could end up creating your own mahogany mink lamp shade or a blue rabbit fur wall cover. Faux fur rugs can also be created using these designs. Besides clothing for men, women and children, faux fur is increasingly used for accessories that are perfect gift items.


Want to try zebra print earrings with crystals or maybe adjustable seat belt covers in mink? How about these trendy surprises for your loved ones: sunglasses with tortoise wrap around frames, leopard print watches, muffs and leg warmers in giraffe prints? The list where faux fur has been used beautifully is endless. Faux fur is increasingly used and admired as hats, gloves and boot-toppers. And wouldnt you just love to carry all of this in luxuriously made leopard and giraffe print travel bags. The choices of styles, colors and patterns in one single item are enough to amaze you.



Perhaps the widest use of faux fur is in home accessories. Faux fur Rugs, throws and teddy bears delight the hardest to please customers as well. Chinchilla fox and lynx throws for your bedroom to snuggle in; or simply use them as bed covers. There is something for every room, try the amazing German shepherd or polar bear foot rests for your study. Stuffed with poly fill and lush fabric finish, they are a conversation starter. Ottomans or tables floor cubes in suede finish for your terrace garden or the guest rooms. Better still; allow a 40 tall life size penguin welcome your guests into the living room.


Most of these faux fur items are worthy of being handed down to generations as collectibles. Your son is beginning a new business? Gift him swivel chairs wrapped in a luxurious polar bear fur; or your daughter is renovating? How about traditional yet classic wall mirrors hugged by the most amazing and softest furs imaginable. Your gifts are sure to be appreciated and loved for years to come!


Till a few years back, we thought that faux fur and faux fur rugs were only for the lowest income group. We also thought them to be shoddy and cheap; yet they are increasingly accepted. The quality, warmth and luxury of a faux fur item like faux fur rugs are almost as good as the real one! Animal lovers and home lovers all have a new huge range for way of life. Its fake yet unlike all adorned by designers themselves! Go ahead, indulge!
By: Christopher Schwebius

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