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Secrets Of Sewing

Secrets Of Sewing

 is a comprehensive sewing instruction program with over 300 pages of vital sewing information. To help you maximize your learning, it comes with a helpful work book designed to guide you step by step to learn to sew.

Secrets Of Sewing Workbook

In addition to the core textbook and work book, there are several very useful bonuses that you will treasure for years as you learn to sew.

My Sewing Dictionary and software helps you learn to sew

Sewing Dictionary

is a vital tool for you as you learn to sew. There are many specialty terms used in sewing, quilting, and crafting that have special meanings. My Sewing Dictionary provides both a PDF ebook format and an easy to use sofware that makes it easy to acces the definition and explanation of each sewing term.

The Rotary Cutting Guide enables you to learn how to sew quickly and easily.

The Rotary Cutting Guidebook

Many beginning sewers overlook the special skills and details involved in laying out patterns as well as cutting out patterns and fabrics. The Rotary Cutting Guidebook reveals the vital secrets you need to learn how to sew and cut out your projects.

To learn more about this special instruction course CLICK HERE.

For more learning opportunities explore the complete sewing education package.

To Learn about hand sewing and needle arts CLICK HERE.

How to sew fashion sewing- dress for success

 How To Sew
In Fashion Sewing

Have you noticed that what was the newest fashion just a short while ago, is no longer “hip”?

Open up your favorite fashion magazine like Vogue or others, and take a good look.  The fashion gurus are constantly reinventing, repackaging, and redefining the newest fashions.  While it can be a challenge to keep up with all the changes, it can also be exciting and glamorous.

How to sew fashion sewing is  very popular.   It may  sometimes be called clothing construction, but goes beyond and is aptly described as Fashion sewing and you can learn how to sew fashion sewing.

As a sewer, you have a very special opportunity to create your own amazing fashion statement.  Not only are you able to imitate the current trends keeping your sewing projects current and timely; you can create your own special twist on current trends.  You can learn how to sew fashion sewing . You have all the power and control in your own sewing room.  Choose the styles you like.  Make it simple, elegant, or flashy.  Make it practical, or express your wildest dreams. 

One thing you can be sure of when it comes to fashion sewing, is that it is changing.  The less than flattering styles of the recent past will be replaced.  The things you were thrilled about will also pass.  The secret is to learn how to sew your own personal fashion sewing.

So what can we expect for the new season? 

Scan through the pages of your favorite fashion magazine and see what is there.  While I am no expert on the fashion world, it seems to me there are some interesting revivals on the horizon.

Remember those high healed pumps from somewhere in the 1950’s.  They seem to be on the rebound.  What about the slim skirts and large belts.  Have you seen those before?

Don’t you just love those loose fitting blouses with puffy sleeves and collars.

Once you have determined the neatest, newest, most exciting styles of the new fashion look, what kind of  sewing projects could you envision? 

You might think to yourself, I need a new pattern and it is so hard to fit a new pattern.  Or you might imagine resurrecting some of those old patterns and using the parts that fit your new design.  You might even consider investing is the amazing “My Design” software  available through Bernina sewing centers.  This amazing new software gives you the ability to create your own perfect patterns on your computer and sew they out like a professional every time.

There are many tools and resources to help you achieve your goals with fashion sewing and even learn how to sew your dream creations.

You might consider projects like: a slim skirt, great fitting slacks, fitted jacket, wide belt, shaped t-shirts, wrapped blouses and dresses, denim projects, and all kinds of embellished projects.

If you take just a few minutes to let your imagination run wild, you will come up with a million possibilities: easy wraps, straight skirts, embellished blouses, and jackets.  There is no limit.  The sewing projects you create will be your own fashion statement.   

Maybe you are one of those sewers who like short cuts.  Instead of worrying about designing your own pattern, laying it out, cutting it out, sewing, and fitting; you might take advantage of the ready to wear world.  Find simple even plain ready to wear items, and transform them with your own special flare.  Embellish with embroidery, metallic embellishments, add ons (like pockets), sparkles.  What you can imagine you can achieve.

You might also consider creating your own fashion sewing style by recycling items already in your closet.  Do some minor alterations.  Embellish.  Rework.  Be creative.  Your friends will be amazed.  You will be the envy of your own fashion world when you learn how to sew your own fashion sewing.

Color is always important.  The current trends may include grey, black, and red, but you can develop your own accents and combinations for your own special style.

Sewing has so many great benefits.  Sewing relaxes us.  Sewing gives us deep inner peace.  Sewing expresses our creativity.  Sewing builds our self confidence.  Sewing satisfies our inner passions.  Fashion Sewing empowers us to create our own styles with the colors, textures, fit, design, comfort, and personal statement like nothing else.

When we sew fashion sewing projects, we have the wonderful opportunity to make a wardrobe that will make us stand out from the crowd and have all our friends asking admiring our masterpieces.

My daughter and I were ar Dillards, and we found this simple little skirt, nothing special.  I lifted the price tag and was stunned.  $220.   After recovering for a moment, I looked a little closer, and thought to myself.  I could do that.  I could do that for half the price.

What a thrill it is when my family and friends notice my creations, and think to themselves, “She must have spend a fortune.”  

Sewing use to be hard work.  The machines were made like boat anchors and often rusted like one.  Today, sewing with the new modern convenience rich sewing machines is a breeze.  Amazing convenience features have been designed to make sewing easy, fun, and satisfying.  Creating your own wonderful fashion projects has never been easier.

Are you ready to demonstrate how to sew your fashion sewing?

So, what are you going to create today?

Donna Trumble is a professional designer, seamstress, author, sewing educator, and sewing business owner. 

David Trumble is a sewing professional, author, semi-retired minister, sewing machine technician, and CFO of Temple Sewing And Supply, Inc.




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