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Secrets Of Sewing

Secrets Of Sewing

 is a comprehensive sewing instruction program with over 300 pages of vital sewing information. To help you maximize your learning, it comes with a helpful work book designed to guide you step by step to learn to sew.

Secrets Of Sewing Workbook

In addition to the core textbook and work book, there are several very useful bonuses that you will treasure for years as you learn to sew.

My Sewing Dictionary and software helps you learn to sew

Sewing Dictionary

is a vital tool for you as you learn to sew. There are many specialty terms used in sewing, quilting, and crafting that have special meanings. My Sewing Dictionary provides both a PDF ebook format and an easy to use sofware that makes it easy to acces the definition and explanation of each sewing term.

The Rotary Cutting Guide enables you to learn how to sew quickly and easily.

The Rotary Cutting Guidebook

Many beginning sewers overlook the special skills and details involved in laying out patterns as well as cutting out patterns and fabrics. The Rotary Cutting Guidebook reveals the vital secrets you need to learn how to sew and cut out your projects.

To learn more about this special instruction course CLICK HERE.

For more learning opportunities explore the complete sewing education package.

To Learn about hand sewing and needle arts CLICK HERE.

How to sew fashion sewing- dress for success

How To Sew Embroidered Toys

There are multiple patterns for cross stitched toys and downloadable patterns and designs are available on the internet nearly everywhere one looks.

Welcoming a newborn home from the hospital with a toy monogrammed with his or her initials would make a lovely personalized gift as well as being safe for the newborn.

A birthday boy would be entranced with his birthday details embroidered on his own more adult version of this toy idea and a hand made teddy bear would not be completed with out having the eyes and bow tie made of an embroidered design.

A simple gift for your child's kindergarten class at Easter or Christmas might be to make up enough simply sewn teddy bears or rabbits and using your embroidery skills and a free embroidery pattern from the internet, which are easily found, to embroider the features and give one to each child from the class. These could be made more special if you have your child help you to add the stuffing to the embroidered animal This would also be an extra special gift from your child when the school year is over.

Not only do inclusions on our crafts come off during play, but also when laundering or cleaning, rendering the toys somewhat less attractive and less likely to be used.

When we use embroidery designs to build the attention getting parts of the toy, such as shoes, clothing or eyes, nose and mouth, the result is both a safer toy and one that is far more durable than plastic additions which can catch and pull off or loosen in time.

How many of us have heard the small child complain that his bear has no hands, or his nose is missing, when one of the plastic items has pulled off or been lost to the washing machine?

Most of us have effected a repair to that well loved animal using embroidery designs to accomplish it.. Why not do that to begin with, so that the missing facial features never enters into play.

Embroidery is one of the safest methods of making toys for infants and very small children.

Using such items as buttons and plastic eyes can mean an injury that is easily avoided if we avoid using those types of inclusions in our crafting.

An item which features embroidery designs or patterns for the clothing and features will be both safe and attractive.

To embroider the eyes or mouth of a toy means to assure that there are no small parts which will come off to do injury to an infant.

Simple patterns are available which will help you to make your features in crewel embroidery patterns as well as cross stitch design patterns or several other methods, so that you may use whichever method you feel most comfortable with to assure the quality of your item.

Downloadable facial features embroidery designs are free on many web sites internet wide, having personally used some Ive found them to be easy to accomplish and they make toys that the little ones love for years to come.

A sure way to make quality items from your embroidered designs is to assure they are able to withstand the rigors of childhood by using tightly woven machine washable fabrics and threads, which will stand up to the test of time and play.

For Embroidery designs download visit Embroider Designs Shop

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