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How To Sew Dog Clothes

Outfitting Your Dog For Winter

I know you'll fall into one of two categories; people who think it's acceptable to dress your dog in winter (or even all the time!) and people who think it's not too cool to dress a dog and that man's best friend was made with his own attire.

I was the latter until someone bought my little dog a little yellow rain jacket. I dressed my little dog up in his little $9.99 yellow pvc rain jacket and took him out for a walk. Well, I was so proud. Everyone stopped to say how cute he looked. I evolved into the woman who dresses her dog. Although my little dog looked cute and it was fun, there were some days that I thought, you know, it's a good thing he has some protection because it does get pretty wet and miserable outside. I was glad I put his little rain jacket on to take him for a walk because when we got home his long fur wasn't soaked to the core. No smelly dog fur and he didn't really mind the coat. I think he enjoyed the compliments his attire brought.

I think many of you have heard of global warming? Well, not only does it get warmer, but we are now experiencing weather we've never seen before; extreme rain and cold in the winter months. So this means dogs need to be prepared too.

You can buy just about any style of dog coat for either your big or small dog. You can purchase a wrap around fleece and gortex dog coat or a zip up coat for dogs that don't like anything pulled over their heads. I've even seen dog coats that look like they're made out of scuba diving fabric -- great for keeping dry!

The sky's the limit for what you can find and what you can spend in anticipation of keeping your dog warm and dry in the coming winter months. Some people don't mind dropping hundreds of dollars on dog clothes, but many people are more cost conscious. You can surf online and comparison shop. Many online stores sell dog attire in a wide range of prices to suit your budget.

But if you're one of the many millions of talented home sewers around the world, you can make your own. All of the big pattern companies have patterns for dog apparel. With patterns, you can choose your own fabric and color and make your own inexpensive warm dog attire. This is a fantastic option for owners of dogs that are either longer, wider or smaller than the average dog. You can customize and get exactly what you want for your dog.

If you like the idea of customizing your dog a winter vest or coat but don't sew, you can easily find someone who does. All fabric shops and dry cleaners keep cards of talented and inexpensive sewing professionals who will be happy to make your little dog a warm coat. The cost of contracting your little dog's winter coat out is likely to be less expensive than purchasing a quality coat from a dog boutique.

So, find yourself a great dog clothes pattern online and get busy putting together a warm custom coat your little dog will thank you for when the cold wind and rain comes pouring down.

Teddy's Mum is the proprietor of A site offering original downloadable dog clothes sewing patterns.

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