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How To Sew Curtains - Instructions
For Making
A Curtain And Valance

You don't have to be an ace at sewing to sew curtains. Sewing curtains can be a very rewarding project. You will need a sewing machine, a calculator, pencil and paper, yard stick, tape measure, iron, fabric, pins, thread and scissors.

Instruction for making a simple curtain and valance:

1) Decide the color and pattern of fabric you want in your room. You can do this by going to the fabric store, or checking out internet stores. Before you order or buy your fabric, you need to measure your windows.

2) To measure you will first need to decide how long you want the valance to be, and where you want the curtains to be placed on the window. Do you want a shorter valance, or one that will hang down about halfway? Now is the time to use your creativity, and maybe draw a sketch of the way you want your curtains to look for reference.

3) Now that you know what you want, measure from the top of where you want the curtain to begin, down to where you want the valance to end. Add 7 inches to this measurement for the top and bottom hems (3 inches for the top hem, and 4 inches for the bottom).

4) To measure for the bottom curtain, you measure from the top of where the curtain will be placed on the window to just below or above the window sill (whatever your preference, this is your show), add the 7 inches for the hems. Make sure to write all this down as you will need to remember it. For width, you will need to measure from outside to outside molding. You will purchase material by how full you want the curtain to be. If you want a normal fullness, you will need to remember to double the window measurement. Curtain fabric comes in different widths, and figuring you will need to use two fabric panels, you need to come as close as possible to the measurement for each panel, you may need to cut the panels down if they prove to be too wide.

5) Now is the time to purchase or order your material. You will want a fabric that is easy to work with, cotton works best.

6) You can pre-wash the material, to be sure of how much it will shrink. Cotton does have a tendency to shrink, so you most probably should pre-wash before you make the curtains.

7) Now it is time to cut your material. Using the yardstick, make a straight line with a pencil or chalk along the top. The store may not have cut it even so try to get the line as straight as possible. Measure from the line down for the valance and after that, the lower curtain. You should have four separate pieces.

8) Place fabric right side up on a flat surface. Use the yardstick to measure and mark 3 inches from the top line. Mark this line so you will know where the top hem is, do the same with the bottom hem except the line is made 4 inches from the bottom. Using the same technique, mark 1 inch on each side of the material for the side hem. When all of the pieces are marked, placing the right sides together, sew the two valance pieces together on the sides, this makes the valance one piece. Press the seam flat with the iron. Now fold the two side seams over twice, 1/2 inch at a time. Sew seam holding the material firmly on both sides of the machine needle to prevent puckering. The top and bottom hems are done in the same way. The top will be a seam of 1 1/2 inches, and the bottom will be 2 inches. The bottom curtain is sewed in the same manner as the valance except that you will have two pieces for the bottom curtain and will need to sew two seams on each side of the two panels.

You have just succeeded in sewing curtains for your home. I know by following this pattern you will be able to sew curtains for your home any time you wish.

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