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Creative Crafts 

Creative Crafts

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 Creative Crafts

If You Love Exciting Projects For Family, Kids, Or Hobby, you will love Creative Crafts.

It gives you 220 pages full of ideas, techniques, and tips for all your crafting possibilities:

 General Crafting & Crafting For Kids
Art & Collecting
Holiday Crafting
Creative Beading Crafts
Scrapbooking Possibilities
Essentials of Scrapbooking
Crafting For Dolls
Crafting Needle Arts
Crochet & Crafting An Afghan
Creative Crafting Of Quilts
Craft Projects In Foam, Leather, Wood, Clay, And More
Crafting & Sanity
Getting Organized

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4 Volume Set

Crafts for profit produces profitable crafts

Profitable Crafts
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Turning Their Trash Into Your Profits

That Is An $89.00 Value

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Profitable Crafts

 Four Volume Set Of Proven Techniques
To Help Your
Craft Sales Soar!

 Everything you need to know about maximizing your profits, increasing sales of your products and gaining new customers is included
in these 4 manuals!

Craft Shows
Party Sales
Consignment Sales
Catalog Sales
Internet Sales

If you want a craft business, you need this set!

For Limited Time Only
Get The Complete Set
Of 4 Profitable Crafts
Plus: Trash Into Profits

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 Scrapbooking 101

 Scrapbooking Pro

start your own scrapbooking business. 

Originally Sold Elsewhere For $99.99

 The Ultimate Scrapbooking Kit

Digital Scrapbooking the easy way.

 digital scrapbooking resources

 4 Great Scrapbooking Ebooks
Plus Digital Resources
Delivered On CD.

Memories are the easiest things to lose.
It's so hard to hold on!
Don't forget your memories -

Get Ultimate Scrapbooking Kit
And Save 80%
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Wood Working for Newbies a crafting guide to woodworking crafts

 Wood Finishing a crafting guide for wood working crafts

 Things to make a crafting guide to woodworking crafts

 Instant Download

Superb Wood Working
Digital Books.

Wonder No Longer About Things Like Wood Working, Making Wooden Projects, Designs, Tools, Safety, and Wood Finishing.

These Three Digital Books Will Give You What You Need For All Your
Wood Crafting Desires.  

You Will Be Creating Great
Wooden Works Of Art And
Practical Home Crafted Items
In Very Little Time!!

A Newbie's Guide To
Wood Working
The Complete Guide To
Wood Finishing
Things To Make Craft &
Wood Projects

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Bonsai Tree crafting

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Bonsai Tree

The Art Of Trimming Sculpting And Pruning Bonsai Trees Is Becoming One Of The Fastest Growing Hobbies In America .   
Don't Be Left Out Of The Bonsai Sculpting Craze And Learn How To Make Many Beautiful Bonsai Trees And Have Fun Doing It!" 

Even If You Think You Have a
“Black Thumb”, You Can Grow a Bonsai Tree And Amaze Your Family And Friends!

Learn And Master The Art Of Bonsai
And Find Out Why The Japanese Revere This As a True Art Form!

Plant your bonsai Prune and trim your bonsai into the style you want.
Wire the tree. Learn when and how to water and fertilize, and repotting the plant.  Find out where and how to display your bonsai.
Take care of an outdoor bonsai in cold weather and much, much more!

 Get Started Today
Only $3.99

 Beginner's Guide To Coin CollectingBuy Gold Coins for crafting coin collecting

Originally Sold At $29.99

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Instant Download

Two Helpful Guides To Coin Collecting

A Beginner's Guide To Collecting Coins  & 
How To Make A Fortune Buying And Selling
Gold Coins

 "Did You Know That Nearly 11.4% of ALL People That Carry Change Are Throwing Away Potentially Thousands of Dollars Unknowingly, Because They Didn't Know Coins Can Be Worth More Than Their Face Value?"

The Best Way You Can Find Out Is To Delve Into The World of Coin Collecting.

You May Be Surprised What Might Be Hiding In Your Coin Jar!

One Coin Could Pay For Whatever It is You’ve Been Saving For!

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Learn to sew with 30 day guarantee

If you are not satisfied within 30 days,
we will refund your money no questions asked.

Now Get This 16 Volume
Crafter's & Hobby Collection
As A Set
Total Value Over $340.00

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Most ebooks are delivered by instant download. Some are shipped on CD or DVD.  After completing your transaction at PayPal, click on the Go to Site button to be taken to the Thank You Page and download your ebook. If you have any difficulties, please contact us through

If you purchase the  16 Volume Crafter's & Hobby Collection As A Set It will be delivered on CD - No additional shipping or handling.

At Sewing we are a green publisher. That means you help save the environment by not buying paper paper books, while gaining several advantages.

1.) First, you save money.
2.) You will always enjoy full control over the size of text.
3.) These books are portable.
4.) They require very little shelf space.
5.) Digital books give you instant download capability.


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