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Book of Needlework reveals how to sew hand sewing arts.

Book Of Needlework

Creative Needle Arts teaches how to sew by hand. 

Creative Needle Arts

Little Fingers reveal how to sew by hand.

Activities For Little Fingers

Encyclopedia of Needlework teaches how to sew by hand.

Encyclopedia Of

LACIS reveals how to make lace and how to sew by hand.

History Of Needlework

Irish Crochet reveals how to crochet or sew by hand.

Irish Crochet


 School Needlework reveals how to sew by hand.

School Needlework

Secrets Of Sewing teaches how to sew so people can learn how to sew.

Secrets Of Sewing


 How To Sew Baby Sling Or How To Make Your Own Baby Sling!

As many hip parents know, baby slings have become an increasingly popular mode of transporting your infant or toddler around from A-list celebrities spotted wearing a designer Baby Bjorn with baby in tow, to everyday moms and dads on the go who choose to use a variety of baby slings and carriers, the baby carrier is the way to carry your little one in style!



Saving Green


With todays ever-tightening economy, some parents are choosing to get crafty and get sewing! While there are many gifted homemakers who enjoy making their own baby clothes, others are merely looking to save a penny or two and design their own easy-to-sew or no-sew baby wrap.


Going Green


There are also environmentally-conscious parents who would prefer to start their childs life on a green note and organic baby slings are easily made, using natural fibers and textiles (such as hemp and unbleached cotton) as eco-friendly alternatives to synthetic materials used in traditional baby carriers.


Making a Scene!


Still others choose to express their creative side crocheting, knitting and hand-stitching hip baby slings to suit their own personal style, crafty folks everywhere can consult a multitude of craft magazines and websites for how-tos and blogs when creating their own original baby sling designs.


Ready, SetSew!


So, whether youre on a budget, looking to express your artistic or creative side, or simply trying to live a greener lifestyle, its easy to make your own cheap baby slings below, DIY instructions to sew your own baby wrap!




For anyone who has basic sewing skills, this is a fairly simple project:


1. First, choose your fabric at a local fabric store since you will be sewing (or serging) the edges, you may choose woven cloth that is unfinished, as well as fleeces and cotton knits, as long as they dont curl up when cut.


2. Next, cut your cloth to the proper dimension if youre purchasing your fabric in person, the salesperson can cut the cloth to your specifications; we recommend 20 to 35 wide and at least 5 yards (15 feet) long.


3. Finally, you will finish the edges by serging all four sides of the material.



If you do not have your own serger, we recommend hemming all the way around the four sides of the baby wrap. You may also choose to visit your local sewing machine store, which might let you borrow their serger for free or for a small fee; visiting a tailor or dry cleaners is another affordable option for finishing your baby wrap.


IMPORTANT TIP: DO NOT buy 2.5 yards of 2 different materials & sew them together to create 5 yards - this will result in a WEIGHT-BEARING seam, weakening your baby wrap & making it less safe!


Although this is a moderately easy sling project for some, sewing isnt quite an option for everyone, especially when you consider what youre transporting! For the rest of us less-than-crafty folks who want to carry their precious cargo stylishly (and safely!), its not difficult to find inexpensive and cheap baby slings. There are many online sources, including, where you can find a great assortment of affordable baby slings & infant slings, including the ERGO baby carrier, Hotslings brand, Moby Wrap, Maya, Ellaroo, Baby KTan baby carrier and more! Whether youre looking for a baby backpack, a linen baby sling, a Velcro sling, organic slings or any other type of kid sling, youre sure to find a wonderful selection of moderately-priced, eco-friendly and stylish options at!

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