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Book of Needlework reveals how to sew hand sewing arts.

Book Of Needlework

Creative Needle Arts teaches how to sew by hand. 

Creative Needle Arts

Little Fingers reveal how to sew by hand.

Activities For Little Fingers

Encyclopedia of Needlework teaches how to sew by hand.

Encyclopedia Of

LACIS reveals how to make lace and how to sew by hand.

History Of Needlework

Irish Crochet reveals how to crochet or sew by hand.

Irish Crochet


 School Needlework reveals how to sew by hand.

School Needlework

Secrets Of Sewing teaches how to sew so people can learn how to sew.

Secrets Of Sewing


How To Sew Apparel: Three Sewing Pattern Rules
For Perfect Fitted Garments

Learn how to sew apparel like the pros by first making the pattern fit perfectly then you will know how to sew apparel with confidence.

When designing a garment and creating a first pattern a well grounded Apparel Design studio house should follow the rules of inspection process listed below for perfect fitted garments. The process shown below will eliminate all the work, and problems that may arise when manufacturing a garment by insuring that the design will have accurate pattern information, correct grading specifications, professional sample cutting, and the highest possible sewing quality to achieve 100% costumer satisfaction.



Base on your sketch or sample you submitted to a design studio house they will make you a hard paper pattern. After you test this pattern on your fabric, they can determine any shrinkage or fit problems. All corrections for fit are often included in their full package Pattern Making prices.

Upon your approval of this pattern, they will digitize the pattern pieces into a computer system in preparation for grading and marking.


1) Pattern card design

A pattern card sheet is a sheet containing all the necessary information for the making of your design. This pattern card is created once your pattern has been made and must have a complete list of all the pattern pieces the make up your design. Sewing details, trim details and thread detail information if any should be written down to insure proper garment construction.


2) Pattern balance and accurate cutting


Once your paper pattern has been made its time now to trace if off on a special dotted paper for proper grain line alignment before your design is cut on fabric to avoid losing the balance of your garment when the garment is hanging on a hanger and to insure proper fit.


3) Pattern grading specification sheet

Finally, Once your prototype sample has been made, fitted, corrected and approved for production, Grading specifications should be recorded on a grading specification sheet were your design will be graded into the many size range categories according to the type of figure your are working with. A Grading Specification Sheet is a Sheet containing all the measurements for all your pattern sizes including your base size example (M) or (10) from which the pattern will be graded up or down according to your own in house specifications submitted or according to your client specification.

Learn how to sew apparel like the pros by first making the pattern fit perfectly then you will know how to sew apparel with confidence.

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