The Value
Professional Sewing Machine Repair

can not be over emphasized. The number one reason sewing machines breakdown is neglect. But you can remedy this situation and save hundreds of dollars all at the same time.
My Magnificent Sewing Machine reveals the secrets of sewing machine repair.

 Magnificent Sewing Machine

Now discover the secrets of sewing machine repair for yourself.  This ecourse is designed to lead the beginning sewer step by step to understanding how the sewing machine works, how to maintain it, and how to service it. This 240 page ecourse comes loaded with sewing machine resources and bonuses.

Secrets of Sewing Machine Repair, My Magnificent Sewing Machine Workbook.

To guide your learning, a step by step workbook is provided with the ecourse.

 learn sewing machine repair TNT

Sewing Machine Repair TNT

reveals the tips and tricks the pros use to maintain, service, and repair sewing machines.

 learn sewing machine repair manuals

Repair Manual Collection

A special collection of manufacturer's parts and service manuals are provided for educational purposes to help you learn the essentials of sewing machine repair.

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 How To Sew A Padded Laptop Case

Crafters can create a great solution for the new TSA regulations and not have to remove their laptops from a nice, padded case. With simple sewing skills, you can breeze right through security.



A simple, padded tote bag should do the trick!




* Fabric- You can use one or two colors if you like (one for the lining and one for the outside.) Use a more sturdy fabric for the outside of the tote bag.

* Quilt Batting

* Interfacing Materials

* Thread in complimentary color

* Sewing Machine




1. Pre-wash and iron your fabrics.

2. Measure your laptop around from the hinge of the laptop to the front and back again (length). Measure the width of your laptop plus the height of EACH side (width).

3. Add an inch to the width and height of your measurements. Cut your lining from this measurement.

4. Cut the outer layer of fabric inch larger all the way around.

5. Using the smaller piece of fabric as your guide (the lining), cut two layers of quilt batting.

6. Cut a piece of interfacing material the same size.

7. With a standard seam allowance, sew three sides of the outer fabric, leaving the top open, and miter the corners.

8. Sew the miter tips to the seam line.

9. Turn this material inside out and make sure the fabric fits your laptop. If so, hooray! Continue.

10. Sandwich the batting between the interfacing the lining fabric, aligning the three layers.

11. Quilt the layers together carefully.

12. Sew three sides of the quilted layer, again leaving the top open.

13. Cut interfacing and batting close to the seam.

14. Again, miter the corners and sew the tips to the seam line.

15. Slide your laptop into this quilted layer and then into the outer layer. Does it fit? Hooray!

16. Cut the inner layer two inches from the edge of the laptop and the outer layer two inches from this edge (the new inner layer edge).

17. Fold the outer layer of fabric in on itself and again over the inner layer and pin.

18. Sew along the folded edge, right above the lining fabric, around the inside of the bag.

19. Cut five inch wide strips of the outer fabric for the handles from 12-20 inches long based on how long you want them. Twelve inches will make a short tote and longer will make a shoulder strap. Measure for your own comfort.

20. Fold one edge of the handle strip into the center and iron to stay. Fold the other edge into the center and iron. Fold in half again and iron. Repeat for other handle.

21. Top stitch around the edges of the handles.

22. To properly place the handles on your bag, measure the top opening of your bag and divide in thirds. Place a pin in the fabric at each third.

23. Place the ends of the handles just outside each marking pin and pin in place. Fold the ends of the handles under and pin again.


24. Topstitch the handles in place.

25. Trim any excess threads and you are done with a basic, padded tote/shoulder bag for your laptop!

26. You can decorate your tote with embroidery (embroider the cut, outer fabric before assembling), needle felted flowers, or use fabric paint and freezer paper for a stenciled design (how to here).

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