How To Sew A Doll Traditional African

Traditional African Dolls 
4cm Black or Brown Barrel Macrame Bead
7 inch Dowel
2 Black or Brown Chenille Stems
12” x 4” Fabric Piece for Dress
1 ½” x 6” Fabric Piece for Headdress
Small strips of Fabric or Ribbon
Tacky Glue
Acrylic or Tempera Paint for Facial Features
Optional: Masking Tape

Insert the dowel into the macrame bead. If dowel is too small, wrap the end with tape until the bead fits snug onto the dowel.

Connect the two chenille stems at one end. Twist the midpoint around the dowel about 1 inch below the bead. Fold in the chenille stems inward to double the thickness of the arms.

Cut a notch out of the center of the larger fabric piece so that the bead can perfectly fit through it. Tie small strips of fabric around the waist and neck of the doll.

Use the remaining fabric piece as a headdress. Attach it to the head with tacky glue.

Add facial features with paint.

The Legend of the West African Dolls

Dolls are a integral part of black Africa. In the black culture, dolls have many uses. They are used as toys, teaching tools, and used in displays. The African Doll Collection symbolizes the culture and heritage of the people of the West African Rain Forest.

These beautiful black dolls are dressed in traditional West African clothing made from the finest materials from Ivory Coast, Senegal, Nigeria and Ghana. They wear gown sets and head ties, and traditional feast celebration attire made from sackcloth and straw.

In addition to their attractive clothing, the dolls are accessorized with items used in the everyday lives of the West African people. Some of the dolls carry hand held baskets filled with fruits, vegetables, straw, fish, and other items. Others carry baskets on their heads with similar goods. Some dolls are even decorated with zinc buckets, jugs, beautiful boxes, lanterns and sacks filled with doll clothing.

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