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Why Moda Fabric
Is So Popular?

Moda is a leading US manufacturer and distributor for designer quilting fabric. But their fabric designs are not only sought after in the united states but also by vivid quilters in Australia and Europe. What sets Moda apart from other quilting fabric manufacturers? Why do patrons, particularly quilters, like Moda Fabric? Let's inspect some of the unique sides of Moda.



Moda has built a wonderful team of fabric designers who are intensely talented. Just to name a couple : Chloe's Closet, April Cornell, Yank Jane, Lila Tueller, Sanae, Sandy Gervais, soppy studios, etc . Are a few of the top designers. Moda has a gang of over 30 designers with each of them bringing their unique talent and style to the table. With each of them releasing multiple fabric collections per year, you are bound to find your favorite collection. as well as having such talented designers on their team, Moda is world renown for their pre-cut fabric.


Moda's pre-cut fabric come in assorted sizes and shapes including Fat Quarter Bundles, Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls, Honey Buns and Charm Packs. No matter if you sew only from time to time or if you're a vivid quilter, Moda pre-cut fabric is sure to save time and cash. Firstly, you don't have to spend hours on cutting your fabric before you can start stitching, the favorite part for most of us. Additionally, each pre-cut collection provides you with fabric designs from an entire collection without you having to purchase all designs by the yard, A Moda Fat Quarter Bundle contains pre-cut fabric squares with each square measuring 18' x 22'. Fat Quarters are great for so many projects including a straightforward cover, tote or purse, etc . You can work with them uncut or you can cut the Fat Quarter in smaller sizes and styles as needed.


A Moda Jelly Roll is a set of pre-cut fabric strips with each fabric strip measuring 2.5' x 44'. The Moda Honey is matching to a Jelly Roll except the fabrics strips are only 1.5' wide. If you've ever cut fabric strips by hand or with a rotary cutter for a quilt, you know that using a Jelly Roll or Honey Bun is a blessing. All fabric strips are essentially the same size and you don't end up with all of the leftover fabric. Of course the time saving factor is a great as well.



For smaller creative and quilt project, use a Moda Charm Pack. A Charm Pack contains a set of fabric squares with each fabric square measuring 5' x 5'. Moda's charm packs are the cheapest way of getting fabric designs from a whole collection as each charm pack contains one fabric square of each fabric design in one special collection.


Considering that no other quilting fabric manufacturer offers pre-cut fabrics like Moda, it is straightforward to recognize why crafters and quilters are so crazy for Moda Fabrics. So, next time you are chasing new fabrics consider purchasing moda fabric. No matter how little or how big your creative project might be you will be certain to find the perfect fabric collection with Moda. .
By: Amy Pierce

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