How To Quilt A Necktie Quilt

Recycle Neckties In A Quilt

There are two kinds of necktie quilts. In one, fabric is cut to resemble neckties and sewn into the quilt block. The other actually incorporates men's neckties into the quilt design. Using men's neckties in quilts is an extremely popular trend.



In addition to being a current trend, the necktie quilts have enjoyed popularity over many decades due to the fact that they can be great memory quilts honoring the men in your life.


If you want to make a necktie quilt using men's ties, you have several options. First, you need to decide if you will use the tie as is, incorporating the entire tie into your quilt design. Your other option is to use the ties as scrap fabrics, cutting pieces from each to complete a traditional quilt pattern.


Quilters who like to use neckties in traditional patterns often choose to use them as fabrics in Dresden Plate, Double Wedding Ring, and block patchwork among others.


If you opt to use the entire necktie in your quilt, you might start off by arranging them to form a starburst in the center of the quilt. Fill in with other fabrics, or more neckties if you have them.


You could also choose to use the neckties in your quilt's border.


In addition to full size quilts, you could use the neckties to make wall hangings, Christmas tree skirts and stockings, or pillows.


If you have the urge to make a necktie quilt, but don't have enough ties on hand, ask friends and family to save them for your project. Also, visit thrift stores and yard sales to grow your own collection of men's neckties.


If you have plenty of ties on hand, but are having a tough time finding a starting place, visit your favorite free quilt pattern site to see what it offers. There are many free or low cost quilt patterns available on the Internet. You have a world of options at your fingertips if you are planning to use the old neckties in piecing your quilts.


If your necktie quilt is a memory quilt for a friend or family member, make sure to incorporate other mementos into it. For instance, if your father loved golf, try working a golf tie or golf themed fabric into your design of the quilt you are making for him or in honor of him.


Quilters who are low on neckties or time can create a wonderful memory lap quilt. Since it is smaller in size, it won't take much time to complete. While smaller in size, the necktie lap quilt can still be big on memories!


If you decide to make a quilt that features fabric cut to resemble men's neckties, you still have a couple of options. You may make the traditional neck tie or you may choose a bow tie pattern. Both are popular and widely available on the internet.



Applique quilters over piecing can also use that technique in making necktie quilts. If using the entire necktie, it may be appliqud onto the quilt top wherever the quilter chooses. Using tie shaped pieces of fabric, the quilter may choose to appliqu those to a quilt top. The bowtie quilt design may also be appliquedd, but part of its novelty is how the blocks actually piece together to create a bowtie.


Once your necktie quilt project is complete, you can use any remaining neckties you have left over for other projects. Popular ways to recycle neckties include wearing them as belts or headbands or making skirts from them. You can find various instructions and patterns for those projects on the Internet as well.

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