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 How To Make A Fleece Blanket

Want a new blanket, but cannot afford to buy one? Here's 3 ways to get an inexpensive fleece blanket, ranging from "no sew" to "minimal sew" options.

How To Make A Fleece Blanket reveals step by step how anyone can make their own Fleece blanket even if they do not know how to sew.




The first thing you'll need is your material. I recommend polar fleece, brushed wool, or any other fabric of a suitable weight and thickness for your requirements.




Unless you have a speciality fabric store nearby, chances are your width will be determined by the maximum width you can buy. Measure the bed you wish to cover, and add an allowance at the sides and bottom for the blanket to drape over the edge.


As an example, a standard double bed mattress is approximately 74" by 57" (or 1880 cm by 1400cm). I would generally allow around 4" allowance (or 10 cm) on 3 of the 4 sides. That means my fabric would need to be 77" by 63" (or 1890 cm by 1420 cm).


The No Sew Method


The simplest blanket to make without sewing is a fringed blanket.


Two of your 4 sides will have "selvedge" edges this means that they have been treated so that they will not fray or curl. Leave these edges alone.


With your other two edges, take some masking tape, and place it along the edge of your fabric approximately 2" (or 5 cm) from the edge. Now cut your fringe along the entire length of each edge up to the masking tape. Be sure to use sharp scissors, and not cut beyond the start of your masking tape.


The Manual Sewing Method


The manual sewing method involves doing a wide blanket stitch around the entire outside of your fabric. Use fine wool in a contrasting or darker shade to add extra oomph!



The Little Bit of Sewing Method


My favourite method for creating blankets is to use some wide ribbon or satin fabric in a matching colour to edge my blankets (like a woollen blanket). This is very simple to do, but is a little more expensive as you will require a long piece of ribbon or matching fabric about 3" to 4" wide (or 9 10 cm).


Simply cut the fabric or ribbon to length (one piece for each side) and stitch to the blanket about 1" from the edge. Now turn over the blanket, and fold the ribbon over and pin in place. Make sure when pinning that you get the new seam as close as possible to the other seam. Now stitch in place and you're done!

Now you know How To Make A Fleece Blanket even if they do not know how to sew.

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