Home Made Baby Quilt

Author: Rachel Lynn

Gifts are a common site when a couple are about to become parents. The most common ones being diapers, toys and clothes.
But not all can be bought, the most cherished items are those made with lot of selfless love made by aunts or grandparents.

A home-made blanket is generally a sign of love and care for the baby. Here is a great crafting site <A HREF=>
m</A>. Made with lots of love, skill and extreme care, a baby quilt becomes a part of legacy, bequeathed from one generation to the other and choice of the quilt pattern becomes an inseparable component of the process.

The most common baby quilt patterns are trains, planes, the alphabet, ships and ducks. The patterns summarize what the quilter need and how to go about finishing the project. If you are not experienced in the task of quilt making you might weigh the option of a tutorial to get acquainted with the technique of quilt making.

Generally, communities exist to offer different classes to the local citizens. One that might interest you may be a quilting class, which might turn out to be a perfect means of making a baby quilt.

Many a times participants have a facility to bring the supplies and patterns of their own choice. This is a great opportunity for someone considering baby quilt patterns. You can achieve two goals at the same time, one of learning to make a quilt and the other of sewing the quilt of ones personal choice, with the help of the instructor, who guides you at every step.

A fabric store is a great place to choose a design, especially when you don't have an idea about the design. If you are a first timer choosing a simple pattern is a good idea, which could be anything like sky with some white clouds. Patchwork is a common pattern for baby quilts, which can be done in different shades of either pink or blue. White or yellow is always preferable when you don't know the gender of the baby.

Having learnt the basics of quilting you will be equipped to complete any quilt pattern. Several women of a family working together on a project is a noble idea. To do this, copies of the chosen quilt patterns can be made available so that everyone knows what to do.

It will be a sight to see the new parents overjoyed at the thoughtful gift which will surely be treasured even after the baby has grown.

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