Now You Can Learn How To Sew Hand Sewing Arts and Needle Arts.

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Book of Needlework reveals how to sew hand sewing arts.

Book Of Needlework

Creative Needle Arts teaches how to sew by hand. 

Creative Needle Arts

Little Fingers reveal how to sew by hand.

Activities For Little Fingers

Encyclopedia of Needlework teaches how to sew by hand.

Encyclopedia Of

LACIS reveals how to make lace and how to sew by hand.

History Of Needlework

Irish Crochet reveals how to crochet or sew by hand.

Irish Crochet


 School Needlework reveals how to sew by hand.

School Needlework

Secrets Of Sewing teaches how to sew so people can learn how to sew.

Secrets Of Sewing


 Halloween Dog Costumes
Quick And Easy

Have you already picked out a costume and decorated your house for Halloween? Why not involve your pooch in Halloween dress up and have fun together? Here is an idea for quick and easy dog Halloween costume of a classic ghost!



Please think safety when dressing up your dog in homemade pet costumes.

The costume should fit neither too tight, so your dogs movements are not confined, nor too loose, so he does not trip over the costume. Not all dogs are fine with wearing a costume, so if your dog does not like it, take off the costume immediately. For this project, your dog would need to be tolerant and patient.


What you need:


a white bet-sheet;


a markeran elastic banda needle;

and white thread.



Instructions On How To Make Dog Costume


This costume covers the dogs face. It has cut openings for nose and mouth, eyes and ears. The white sheet lies freely on the dogs back, hanging down halfway to the ground. Elastic bands attach the sheet to the dog at neck and chest. Have your dog standing up right. Put the bed-sheet over your dog, also covering his head. Mark the spots for cutting out the nose, eyes and ears (be careful when marking spots for eyes). Just mark the center of the spot and note, how large each hole needs to be.


You need to attach the ghost costume to your dog at his neck and his chest. Note the spots on opposite sides of your dogs neck and chest (about in the middle). Note the length of elastic band pieces required. Note how much bed sheet is necessary to look good on your dog, allow the bed-sheet to hang to the ground not more than halfway. Take the bed-sheet off your dog. From the inside, sew elastic band to the relevant spots on the sheet. Cut out openings for the nose and mouth, eyes and ears. You need to put on this costume first through front paws, then over the dogs head. Your dog Halloween costume is ready! Have a frightfully spooky Halloween!

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