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Free Sewing Patterns For Pillows

Free sewing patterns for pillows are easy to come by if you apply a little of your own creative thinking.  For example you can create your own free sewing patterns for pillows like the one here.

Add  a splas of Color by Learning to Make Decorative Pillows For the Holidays.

If you are looking for a fast last minute before your guest arrive project that you can fit in to your Christmas home decorating theme, try adding some holiday charm to what you would call non-holiday sofa style pillows. You know the ones.

They just lay there on your sofa attracting no attention,yet taking up valuable space. Well, enough is enough. Not only will you be able to transform the look of your current pillows within seconds, you will also have custom designed pillows that your guests are sure to love.

What is really nice is that thisproject requires absolutely no sewing whatsoever. So those of you afraid of needles have no need to worry. Begin by carefully wrapping a felt ribbon around the front center of your pillow.

Next, taking a miniature felt-covered ornament type pillow, attach it to the felt ribbons by tying the ornament hanger and felt ribbon together. The ornament can be easily removed for other purposes, like hanging on the Christmas tree the next year, or attaching to a custom designed gift bag you might also be creating.

Note: Try using felt ribbon that comes with bells attached, or different ornament design patterns with similar felt-covered materials to add texture and interest to your pillows.


Solid colored sofa pillows (we used a forest green micro suede pillow (16 in.x 16 in.)


Red felt ribbon with miniature red bells attached (3 ft. x 1 in. w)

1 Red-Miniature felt-covered ornament type pillow (we selected one with a pine cone and holly design stitched to the ornament.

Linda Johnson is a degreed and experienced crafter and interior decorating specialist, with years of experience helping friends, family, and clients solve their decorating and craft ideas. Find out more craft and decorating ideas, and submit your own great ideas for free by visiting

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