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Formal Wear For Men from Dress For Success

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 Formal Wear For Men

The Invitation Says Formal: How Do You Choose A Tuxedo?


Nowadays, the marketplace in formal men's wear features both contemporary trends and older, traditional styles. So there is a wide variety of suit styles available for purchase. However, formal dressing has certain universal, time-tested requirements that never really change. Different styles are appropriate for different occasions, and men of all ages need to be able to distinguish between them.

When looking for a tuxedo, you must first decide whether it is optimal to own or rent it. Rentals are usually easily available, however owning your own tuxedo and having it always on hand may pose a significant advantage.

Determining how frequent you will wear one, needs to be decided first. A tuxedo that is of superior material will last a long time, but it can also be very pricey. If you frequent formal occasions, it is cost effective to own your own as opposed to renting a tuxedo.

If you go to a nighttime event, choosing a midnight blue or black is always the best option, however, a gray suit is okay for daytime functions. Making sure your tuxedo is an appropriate fit is very important. It is best to ensure there are no visible holes on the garment as well.

Also, be sure that no holes are visible in the tux, whether renting or purchasing to own, and especially if you are purchasing a previously owned garment, such as from a vintage clothing store. Even then, you should examine your tux for visible stains, rips, or holes (such as moth holes) prior to any event. Leave yourself enough time to deal with any possible dry cleaning or repair work.


Thus, in order to ensure maximum years of use, you must care properly for your garment. This includes leaving your tuxedo hung on a sturdy hanger when not in use. Do not allow your tux to become crumpled or folded up for any length of time. A suit bag is best for plane travel. Next, a pre-knotted bow tie is just as suitable as a traditional, unassembled bow tie, which you must know or learn how to tie yourself. A black bow tie always looks great, but if you are comfortable wearing a tie with a splash of color (one that matches your cummerbund or vest), that is fine. Or if the event is less formal, or you otherwise feel it is acceptable not to wear a bow tie, you can opt for that. If you are unsure, it is probably best to check with an event organizer or a co-worker to see if the event is "black tie only" or if you need to wear a bow tie at all.

If you are over six feet tall, you will look better in a single breasted jacket. A double breasted jacket will look good on most body types. The traditional double breasted peak, the double breasted shawl, and the double breasted notch are the three most common styles to look for.

Finally, a vest and a cummerbund should not be worn at the same time. The pleats of the cummerbund are manufactured to face upward and should be worn that way. When attending a very formal event, a slightly understated color and pattern is suggested. Good Luck!

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