Sewing Machine Repair Essentials
Sewing Machine Repair Essentials

The One Resource Every Sewer Needs!

Discover how you can
repair sewing machines yourself.

Save hundreds of dollars every year
on Sewing Machine Repair.

Keep your sewing machines
operating like a dream.

Enjoy hassle free sewing
day after day and year after year.

SMR Essentials is the one resource every sewing machine user needs. (82 pages of sewing machine maintenance and repair essentials.) No one wants to use a broken sewing machine. When you sit down to sew you want your sewing machine to purr like a kitten. It is frustrating when the machine fails to work properly. Tension issues, stitch selection problems, timing, and other complicated sewing machine problems can make sewing a chore.

But, what if?
What if you knew how to maintain,
repair, and adjust
your own sewing machine?

With professional tune ups costing $99.00 to $150.00, you could spend a fortune keeping your machine in good condition. Or you could do it yourself and save the money.

Yes, this ebook gives you the essential information you need to do your own sewing machine tune ups and repairs.

You will learn how to adjust and repair stitch selectors, tensions, bobbin winder, balance wheel brake, needle bar, presser bar, timings, and much much more. You will now have the confidence to repair sewing machines and maintain superior performance yourself.

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This is the best deal anywhere.
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Basic Types Of Sewing Machines

An Ounce Of Prevention

How Stitches Are Formed

How To Repair & Adjust
Stitch Selectors

How To Repair & Adjust
Bobbin Winder & Balance Wheel Brake

How To Repair & Adjust

How To Repair & Adjust
Needle Bar & Presser Bar

How To Repair & Adjust
Timing For Oscillating Hook Machines

How To Repair & Adjust
Timing For Rotary Hook Machines

How To Refurbish & Service
A Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Repair (SMR) Essentials is 82 pages full of detailed instructions, explanations, vivid full color pictures, and actual drawings from professional service manuals. Here you have a vital user's handbook to sewing machine repair that can save you endless hours of frustration and loads of money. No sewing machine user should be without SMR Essentials.

Repair Sewing Machines Guarantee

2 Added Bonuses

Sewing Machine Repair Home pic & Repair Sewing Machines With Top Ten SA

Instantly Download Your
SMR Essentials And Bonuses Now!

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 To Add Printed Spiral Binding Including S&H
For Only $7.00 More
YES Only $26.99 More

Following your purchase of the Spiral Edition, you will receive a confirmation email.  Expect delivery within 4 to 6 business days by US Mail.

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Sewing Machine Repair Essentials

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