Encyclopedia Of Needlework

Encyclopedia Of Needlework

Discover all aspects of needlework with this classic Encyclopedia Of Needlwork.

This Comprehensive Needlework Resource Is Full Of
Definitions, Explanations, Instructions
And Detailed Patterns.
This exhausive resource was once published
in seven volumes, but is now compiled in a single 
easy to use PDF Digital Version.
It totals over 580 pages of
vital needlework information.

Encyclopedia Of Needlwork

If you every wanted to learn needlework, this is a great resource you will treasure for many years.

Learn Hand Sewing

Learn Techniques, Tips, and Tricks.

Discover All The Host Of Specialty Stitches.

Enjoy Single Open And Cut Work In Several Variations

Explore Net And Damask Stitching

White Embroidery

Flat Stitch And Gold Embroidery


Tapestry And Linen Embroidery





Irish Lace

Laces Of Different Kinds

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Encyclopedia of Needlework Guarantee


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crochet patterns for needlework
Vintage Crochet Patterns!

55 Fabulous Patterns




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