Embroidery Thread Colors and Logo Design

Author: Angela Oliver

When creating a logo, some seem to think that a perfect color match is absolutely necessary. However, this is simply not true.
There are a great number of embroidery thread colors that can make embroidered logos look better than the original.


Consider Color of Fabric. Background color changes the appearance of the logo. The original logo is typically presented on a white background, while it is embroidered on denim and an array of cotton colors. Embroiderers can use digital software to view the logo on different color backgrounds and adjust colors accordingly.


Enhancing with standard colors. An experienced embroiderer can look at a logo and see what colors will work best. In many cases, the colors that come in the logo design can be enhanced by simply changing to a shade darker or lighter. Also using a different tone can dramatically change the appearance of the logo. In some cases, one solid color logo looks much better than multiple colors. By using one solid color, you can also save on cost. Less Colors=Less Cost. <a href="">
Embroidery cost</a> is determined by a several factors including stitch count and number of colors used. The more time the machine must stop and change thread colors increases the overall stitch count of a project.


Embroiderers should use the best quality thread for the best result. Embroidery thread that is colorfast and bleach resistant is a must. Embroidery thread should also be strong and resistant to common problems of embroidery such a breaking and puckering.
Polyneon thread is one of the best types of embroidery thread on the market today and is available in hundreds of colors.


Be willing to expand your color scheme to have a logo that looks good on all types of materials and all colors.



About the author:
Angela Oliver is a contributing author for <a href="">Embroidery</a>, offering competitive pricing for all custom embroidered logos, apparel, and accessories. Visit for more information about embroidery and some tips for <a href="">logo

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