Digitizing Costs

How Much Should Embroidery Digitizing Really Cost?

Author: Sahel Khatri

It has happened with many people who bought embroidery machines and thought of learning embroidery digitizing. Let's say you too just bought an embroidery machine, but don't want to fall for buying an expensive piece of embroidery digitizing software. You don't even have time or energy to put in to learning how to digitize your own patterns. Especially after all that you've read on how hard it is to learn embroidery digitizing. Rewarding or not, it's not for you. That said, how much should it cost for you to get your own pattern digitized?

The answer isn't in quite crystal clear. It's going to depend on where you go. As a general rule the cost of digitizing a pattern will vary according to how complicated the pattern is. The more stitches, the more you'll pay.

You may feel like the companies who digitize patterns are asking for a lot of money for such a little file. After all, the file only takes a few minutes to stitch, why should they charge as much as they do.

Think of it this way. You send your clipart or picture off to a company that offers to digitize it for you. You may have found them on the web or in the yellow pages. Not only do they have to buy the program they use to digitize the file, but they need to pay their employees to learn to use embroidery digitizing software. They have to pay for the time it takes their employee to digitize the design. That's just the start. They have their own bills to pay, plus advertising costs. Without advertising, how would you have found them? The only way it is profitable for them to offer their services is for them to pass the cost on to you.

What you are charged will change according to how many stitches wind up in the pattern. Generally the charge difference goes in blocks, 0 to 1,000 stitches will be one price, then they go up for each 1,000 stitches. This only makes sense. The more stitches are in the pattern, the longer it is going to take for them to digitize it and the longer it'll take for the pattern to turn out how it's planned and the more they have to pay their employee.

Most of the time, companies that digitize patterns will also sell blank garments, or offer to embroider your pattern for you onto clothing, hats or afghans. This is especially handy if you have too many items to embroider, or if you don't have enough time to do all of the embroidery yourself.

The charge for a company to digitize your embroidery designs is actually very reasonable considering all of the above points. If you ever learn to digitize your own embroidery you would agree.
It is a skill that deserves to be rewarded monetarily or otherwise. Fortunately we have a few off-shore companies providing excellent service at one third of the price. You would be very fortunate if you would find a similar company. Some companies offer a free trial so that you can try there services before you go into serious business with them. Excellent services & top notch quality is what everyone one wants. Do a search on goggle for cheap digitizing and you might find some company that could fit your expectations.

About the author:
Sahel is the Sales/Support representative of <a href="">Cheap Digitizing</a>. You can find more information on <a href="">Embroidery Digitizing</a> on <a href=""></a>


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