5 Ways to Decorate With Quilts

Author: Levada Pendry

5 Ways to Decorate With Quilts

On a Bed:  This is the most traditional and expected way to use
a quilt. Since there is now a HUGE variety of quilt styles, from ultra-modern to 30's prints, to civil war era (with reproduction
fabrics!) they can compliment any bedroom style.

As always, colors are important! The quilt style can be a secondary consideration if the colors are "just right". Also, what an easy re-do when the seasons change! Just put a different quilt on your bed.

On a Wall: Some quilts are designed to be displayed on a wall.
They can be traditional quilt patterns, or pictorial quilts.
They are constructed with a special "sleeve" that is a basic tube running all along the back of the quilt. It is made to have a rod of some type to run through it and make it easy and practical to hang on the wall. Any quilt can be retro-fitted with a sleeve, and because it will never show, so it does not have to match the front in any way.

Many of these wall quilts can get quite fancy, with embellishments such as beads, etc. adding to the attractiveness and excitement of them.

On a Table: Quilts can double as tablecloths. Because of the possibility of permanent food stains, I would recommend covering with a transparent plastic to protect the quilt!

For a side table, there are special quilted "runners". They are long skinny (usually one block repeated in a row) quilts.
Typically they are constructed on a holiday theme, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas.

In the Living Room: Special smaller quilts, called lap quilts are stars in the living room. Not only are they beautiful and colorful, but they are made to cuddle up under when the temperature is low. They can be draped over the arms or backs of chairs or couches. I like to roll mine up (instead of folding) and have them sticking out of a large basket.

In the Baby's Room: Smaller size quilts in a HUGE variety of fabrics and designs are available for babies and small children.
Plus they are usually made clearly either for a boy or a girl, so selection is easy. Because they are basically the same size as a lap quilt, they can be used for years.

Some are actually constructed to be used to play with the children. A special type is called an "I Spy" quilt. The idea is that each square has a specific SOMETHING...bug, train, apple, etc., whatever the quiltmaker wanted to put in there. You say to the child..."I spy an apple". Then they get to look on the quilt to find the apple. They are lots of fun, and great to take a nap with when the fun wears them out.

So where do you find these quilts to decorate with? Not so easy unless you know lots of grandma's! (Just kidding, grandma's).
Actually because of the recent innovation and increasing use of the long-arm quilting machines, quilts are becoming more available for sale. Quilters don't have to spend months hand quilting to finish a quilt.

I would like to invite you to browse the quilts for sale (all
sizes) at You will find the contact information right there to communicate with the quilt maker if you see something that would be perfect to decorate with.

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