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Four Volume Set Of Proven Techniques
To Help Your Craft Sales Soar!

Provided by a published designer
with over 15 years experience!

Now you too can rest assured knowing that your craft sales will never slump again!

Gain confidence in yourself, and your products as each day passes once you see your profits explode like you've never seen them explode before. Learn wonderful techniques to increase your overall profits and receive top selling project patterns for some of today's best selling items.

Profitable Crafts provides so much information related to maximizing your arts & crafts profits that you'll never have to worry about if your products will sell or not.

You'll create your crafts with confidence knowing before hand that you're providing items that people will buy, and pricing them perfectly for maximum profits without ever having to lower your prices just because you think lowering your prices will help your products sell better.



I love the information, so full of wisdom and encouragement!
YES, all that you say is so true, and I love the WalMart story, I will have to remember that one! AND the "if you bring me a piece of that $20 a square fabric I will knock off $20".. WONDERFUL advice!!
These are the kinds of things that we all need to learn about!!
Deb H.


A Bit About The Author 

Maria has been crocheting since she was 11 years old, and has over 15 years experience at selling at arts and crafts shows. When she attends shows, she always receives visits from other crafters that have booths at the same shows, asking her for advice when they see her booth full 95% of the time with paying customers.

She has mentored literally hundreds of crafters, both online and off, and helped them turn their part time hobby into a profitable full time business. She has not had a single person complain about her techniques not working, even though she has over 10 years experience of providing her mentoring services for craft related topics.

She has over 13 years experience at designing her own crochet patterns and other craft projects, and has had a number of her patterns and projects published in nation wide magazines. She has had one article published in a national magazine, and has also won numerous awards for some of her best designs.

In Volume One, You Will Quickly Learn How To

  • Create products that sell so fast that you can barely keep up with your orders
  • Price your products for maximum profits without confusion
  • Cut costs on your materials without killing the quality of your products
  • Ensure that your booth stays packed with paying customers
  • Cater to the needs of two types of shoppers that are sorely neglected by most crafters, and why you should cater to their needs for increased sales
  • Provide super fast items, and exactly what they are
    Create small gifts that's inexpensive to make, and how they could increase your sales 100%
    Increase your profits by as much as 300% by implementing just this one tactic before every show

In Volume Two, You Will Discover How To

  • Approach storeowners and convince most of them to sell your products for you
  • Replace slow selling items with items that are more suitable to a particular stores location, to help increase your sales
  • Protect yourself from paying hidden fees that some business owners may try to charge you, for something that they shouldn't charge you for at all
  • Protect your copyrights on projects that you've designed
  • Self-Publish your own designs affordably using your home computer
  • Follow a simple 12 step system to not only sell your designs successfully, but also to properly research and test to make sure that your designs will sell before you invest too much time and materials in designing your projects
  • Prevent this costly mistakes before it's too late!

In Volume Three, You Will Find

  • Design wonderful products using normal every day household objects
  • Design crocheted dresses for dolls quickly and easily without using a pattern
  • Make sewn clothing for dolls that fit perfectly
  • Use things in nature like sticks to create wonderful gifts for your loved ones
  • Improve your designing skills by using something as simple as a spoon, can and pencil
  • Design in crochet quickly and easily following just a few simple techniques
  • It doesn't matter what type of craft you like to make, or what your favorite hobby is. The techniques provided in this issue of Profitable Crafts can be applied towards any craft, no matter what your current skill.

In Volume Four, Discover  Wonderful Techniques And More...

  • Avoid critical mistakes when creating your catalogs.
  • Discover the best way to layout your catalogs.  
  • Discover two affordable programs that make catalog creation a breeze. No need for expensive desktop publishing software!
  • Gain trust of those that receive your catalogs.
  • Learn a successful method that will guarantee you a steady stream of new contacts that you can mail your catalogs to, without the cost of expensive contact database lists that sometimes run hundreds of dollars.
  • Create the perfect one-dollar catalog full of one-dollar items, without needing to create a single product!
  • Learn step-by-step exactly how to start recruiting others to sell for you, with a sales team that is not only happy about promoting for you, but that will help you gain new sales team members as well!
  • Discover how to host the perfect home party, and feel free to share these tips with your sales team members and hostesses.
  • It doesn't matter if you don't have a single day's worth of sales experience, the methods in this manual makes selling your products easier than ever.

 Everything you need to know about maximizing your profits, increasing sales of your products and gaining new customers is included in this manual!


My first craft fair turned out to be a BAD weather day, so not many people showed up - probably less than 20 customers all day.
Many vendors didn't even make a sale.
I was blessed enough to make about $150.
I was SO proud! Thank you for your advice. Jeannie C.


After reading all of your information, whole new worlds are opening up for me!! You are simply incredible! Now I want to learn to make soaps!! My husband is going to throw my computer away if I don't settle down!! lol Thanks for showing me the new things and helping me to tap into my own creativity!! Sheila S.


You come up with the most creative advertising! That's where its toughest for me I think, so greatly appreciate your sharing!!!!! Randi M.

You get at least 10 times your money's worth and will prevent a lot of headaches in the future once you've devoured what's in this manual!

Maria Vowell usually charges a high-class fee to teach others just a few of the methods covered in this manual, but you can get these methods today at a very affordable price!

Remember, you get all 4 manuals full of pricing strategies, tips, tactics, techniques and methods to increase your sales and profits of your craft related products.

Act immediately and receive the following bonus:

Turning their trash into your profits revelas how to make money selling other people's crafts.

Sell Arts & Crafts Items
Without Making A Single Project!
Sold Elsewhere At $89.99

 Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

You can't lose with our 100%,
ironclad, moneyback guarantee
crafting for profit guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, then I will issue you a 100% no questions asked refund! Just try these methods for 30 days, and if you do not see an increase in your sales and profits, then contact me for a full refund!

Originally Sold Individually At $19.99
Plus Bonus:
 Turning Their Trash Into Your Profits
That Is An $89.00 Value

For Limited Time Only
Complete Set
Of 4 Profitable Crafts 
Plus: Trash Into Profits

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