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Many of us do remember the fun we had as children playing under quilts during winters. It was fun like fun ought to be - unstoppable and hilarious. Whether it is a hand made quilt or a professionally designed one, quilts are more than just a bed dressing. They are an integral part of our memories and our culture.

 The winter season brings with it a change in climate and temperature. It is the time to stay indoors at night. Days are short, and it gets dark sooner than at any other time. The year-end vacations have just begun. What time could be better than this to have a hot cup of tea in bed, wrapped between sheets of a hand-made quilt?

 For children this is the chance of a lifetime to fight with each other inside quilts. For one thing, the noise made is less, and no one gets to see the action! The quilt also acts like a protective cover, absorbing the elbow pushes or sudden falls outside the bed. The closeness also ensures no hard blows are delivered by mistake. Real fun fighting for real kids.

 It is the softness and the strength of the quilt that makes it ideal for long term bedding requirements. The colorful patterns never fail to attract children's attention as they lie wrapped in a cozy warmness that goes deep inside their thin frames. How kids love to stay inside quilts and play with its multi-colored borders until they fall asleep! The intricate patterns keep their playful minds busy trying to understand the pattern in its logical structure and beauty.

 Quilt making at home can be difficult for beginners. With some training, it should be possible to make hand made quilts with your chosen colors and designs. Not only would they give family members a good time, it would be a pleasure to look at them in the future with cherished memories of times spent together.

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