Embroidery Designs

What You Should
Consider Before
Buying Embroidery Designs Online

Author: Keith Blythe

Buying simply based on the lowest price is a recipe for disaster. The following are all factors in the final price for an embroidered item:

 1. The cost of the item being embroidered

 2. The cost of the embroidery. This will largely be affected by
the complexity and size of your design. Most embroiderers charge by the number of stitches (such as $1.00 per 1,000 stitches)

 3. Digitizing is commonly referred to as a one time charge for
converting your design into a format usable with embroidery machines. Most shops charge a fee once per design for this conversion. If you pay for digitizing, find out if you will receive a copy of the embroidery file (which may be useable by other embroiderers in the future)

 4. Shipping and handling of the goods from the embroiderer to
your location

 5. The number of items which you are purchasing should affect
the price. As you order more, the price should come down. Some companies will require you to order a minimum number of items.


Quality is something that is difficult to assess from an online provider. Unless you have ordered from a company previously or they come highly recommended, how can you determine the quality which a company may produce?

 Well, we have a few of recommendations which we suggest you follow when choosing your embroidery provider:

 1. Does the provider offer any type of satisfaction guarantee?

 2. Does the provider offer any samples?

 3. Does the site contain testimonials from previous customers

 4. If time permits and the supplier offers no minimum purchase
quantities, buy a single item embroidered. This allows you to see quality of the embroidery and garment prior to placing a larger order. It also allows you to see how the sizing is on the garment.


A company with excellent service is something you do not want to be without. You will need to communicate details of your requirements. While web sites are great for gathering information, nothing beats being able to speak with someone or communicate via email your requirements or to get questions answered. Here are things to look for in a company:

 1. Can you reach a live person via the telephone? This is
important if questions or problems arise during your order process. Ideally the company should have a toll free number.

 2. If you email the company with a question or request for
quote, how quickly do they respond? Acceptable time frames are generally a response within 24 hours.

 3. Make certain that you have the opportunity to view the
finalized art work or sample before the job is started

 4. Find out the length of time which the job will take to
complete. If you have specific time requirements, be certain to communicate this to the embroiderer.


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About the author:
Keith Blythe

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