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Secrets of Sewing

Of Sewing

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My Magnificent Sewing Machine has Secrets of sewing machine repair.

My Magnificent Sewing Machine

is a complete training course in the care, maintenance, service, and repair of sewing machines. This course will save you hundreds of dollars in  sewing machine expenses over the life of your machine.

Rotary Cutting Guidebook

The Rotary Cutting Guidebook

reveals secrets to project layout and cutting techniques to maximize your accuracy and speed.

 My Sewing Dictionary

My Sewing Dictionary

helps you master the complex language of sewing and quilting by providing detailed definitions to over three thousand sewing and quilting terms. The ebook gives complete explanations, and illustrations to make it easy to understand sewing terms.

My Sewing Dictionary Software

My Sewing Dictionary Software

is easy to use software that you keep on your desktop for quick and easy reference whenever you need to know what a sewing term means.

School Needlework

School Needlework

is a classic instruction manual revealing how to do sewing by hand.

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My Magnificent Sewing Machine with secrets of Sewing machine repair workbook

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Secrets Of Sewing Workbook

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Beginning Sewing Lessons- Basting

How To Sew
Basic Machine  Basting

In sewing lingo, basting means a method for temporarily sewing an area. It is accomplished with long stitches that are easy to remove. Sometimes the temporary stitching is for you to check the fit of a seam before final sewing. Other reasons for basting include temporarily holding a zipper in place while sewing it in, easing a curve by pulling up the basting stitches gently, and preparing an area for gathering. When your sewing pattern calls for basting, don't skip it.

First, locate your stitch length control for your sewing machine. If you are not sure, refer to your sewing machine manual. If you didn't receive a manual with your machine, you can often buy one online. Your sewing machine manual is your friend in learning to sew to your best potential.

Set the stitch length to the longest length available. On most machines the larger the number, the longer the stitch. If you are working with a very slippery or thin fabric, you may need to use a slightly smaller stitch than the largest available. For most fabrics and uses, the largest length stitch is enough.

Place the seam you want to baste under the needle of your sewing machine, raise the needle to its highest point and lower the presser foot. Do not back stitch when beginning or ending the seam to be basted, as basting is usually removed later.

Sew the seam with the long stitch length, then remove the piece from your machine as usual by raising the needle to the highest point, lifting the presser foot, and cutting the threads. This is your basted seam, a temporary seam or the preparation for gathering.

Practice basting straight lines on scraps of fabric until you're comfortable with the technique. You'll find many uses for basting in your new sewing projects.

Robin Brown is a Singer sewing machine fan. She sews regularly for her family and for fun.

Visit for video tutorials on using a mechanical Singer sewing machine. A video tutorial on how to baste is available at

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