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Choosing wedding dress patterns by your own style

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 Basics Of Mens Suits

Most men purchase a suit for one day events. And huge populations of them borrow it. A suit should at the least consist of a jacket and a trouser. There are humpty variations in style, design, cloth and cut in the market. A suit is often reserved to be worn for an occasion, business or for formal gatherings. A three piece suits adds a waistcoat. Here are the basics of mens suits;



Suit Construction: Tailoring a mens suit is an intricate affair. Only a master who has perfected the craft over years of experience can get the job done perfectly. Tailors from England, Hong Kong, New York and Italy are regarded are the best in the industry. Suits are made up of several layers. These include underlining, lining and a fashion fabric outside. Hand-sewn garments fits most perfectly than the machine made ones. They are obviously the most expensive. If you are a young chap in the business, go in for a store-brand suit. They are best for daily wear. You should plan for a handmade suit when you reach a managerial cadre.


Suit Types: There are four types of suits. They are Italian Single-breasted, British Single-breasted, American double-breasted and Asian Mandarin suits. Taller men prefer Italian suits. Younger men go in for American suit for its trendy look. British suits give stately appearance. Asian suits are edgy. For a conservative look wear a British or American suit. Also look for a notched collar, two-buttoned and navy or black suit for the conservative look. Italian suits are strictly for taller me. Choose the one that goes for the occasion. For a festive event try a light color suit with one button. For weddings wear dove-gray suits that are trendy.


Suit Fabrics: There are suits made from all possible fabrics. They price range differs according to the fabric that it is made of. Cheapest suit would be made from polyester and would cost up to $7. But it is not appropriate clothing for hotter climate. And the fit will not be any good. Microfiber and polyester give a cheap look, so avoid them. The costliest suit would anywhere cost above $27,000. Guanashina is one of the expensive fabrics that are made into suits. The fabric costs $6,000 per yard.


Suit Fit: Ready-made mens suits dont usually fit you perfectly as you think. They normally require a stitch or two like, lengthening or shortening the sleeves etc. Pants too require the right hemming. Narrow pants can take up a slightly higher hem. Also specify the length of shirt cuff you would like to show. A normal measure is of an inch. For shorter or trendier suits show less of your shirt cuffs. Fit changes over time like jeans.


Buttoning and Wear: The basic rule while buttoning your suit and vest is to leave the bottom button undone. A jacket should be buttoned when standing. Another important rule is that you should not fill up the outside pockets in your jacket. Use the inside pockets instead.
By: shunmuga anand

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