Antique Sewing Machines Require Special Care.

Over the years, sewing machines have changed drastically.  The materials used prior to 1950 are very different from the materials used today. As a result, special techniques and care must be taken in order to properly maintain and repair antique sewing machines.

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Antique Sewing Machine Repair

is a detailed ecourse for the hobby or business of servicing and maintaining precious antique sewing machines.

Antique sewing machine repair is specialized sewing machine repair.

The ecourse includes a workbook to guide you to learn antique sewing machine repair quickly and easily.

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Antique Repair Manual Collection

A special collection of manufacturer's parts and service manuals are provided for educational purposes to help you learn the essentials of sewing machine repair.

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Antique Sewing Machine Help

Choosing The Right Help For Your Antique Sewing Machine.

It does not take a lot of work or any particular knowledge to keep a sewing machine in tip top shape. In the same regard, it does not take a lot of work to restore an antique sewing machine to its original working condition.

 A sewing machine is typically constructed of metal with only a small handful of moving parts. The majority of the working parts are safely enclosed within the machine and protected from the outer elements. Additionally, it is originally made to be used indoors making it very unlikely that even an older machine will be exposed to outdoors. With today's newer technology, even a very old sewing machine that is in relatively good condition can be restored and maintained.


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The tools required to work on an antique sewing machine are very basic. An assortment of screwdrivers might be all but is needed accompanied by some quality lubricating oil made particularly for sewing machines. If your particular antique sewing machine is a family heirloom, you might have a pretty good idea of what type of condition it is actually in.


In the majority of instances, a sewing machine was used lovingly as well cared for and only put aside when it was replaced by newer models. Frequently, it was only stored away by somebody who inherited it but already have owned a machine themselves. A machine in this type of situation will likely have all of its parts, quite possibly only missing its manual.


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You can learn about numerous different styles of antique sewing machines by searching on the internet. You'll find groups of antique collectors to match any type of antique object. Parts that are subject to wearing out such as a drive belt can often be replaced through online contacts or descriptions can be located enabling you to replace it with a modern substitute.


Prior to attempting to use the machine, it is best to take it apart to gently remove any rust and/or dust. Add oil wherever you find parts touch, particularly moving parts. Special sewing machine oil will not become gummy when exposed to the atmosphere, so it is crucial to use the right type. If various parts had to be wiped down with water, give them enough time to drive prior to applying oil. The tension needs to be set prior to you starting to sew with it.


Be certain that the right needles are installed and in good working condition. If the thread breaks, it might indicate that the tension needs to be adjusted or the thread or needle do not correspond in weight or size. Someone who is experienced with the motors in antique sewing machines should check out the machines motor prior to attempting to use it in any way. An antique machine is an excellent addition to anyone's home decor. One that works is even better than that.

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