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Sewing Answers. Com is an educational and marketing company of sewing machine users, educators, and technicians with shared education and training of over 10,000 hours and shared professional experience of over 50 years.

Team members include owners, operators, and staff of local sewing machine stores in Central Texas providing quality Education in Sewing and Quilting and selling a wide range of products (sewing machines, notions, fabrics, and books).

The team of sewing professionals has worked together in its Sew and Quilt Stores for the past fourteen years. They bring both the love and knowledge of sewing and quilting to inspire, share, and enable sewers of all skill levels and all ages.

The team has been very careful to select the best quality and newest products for our customers.

Dr. David Trumble

David has earned several degrees (B.A., M.Ed., D.Min.) in education and professional ministry. He has served as a Minister of the Gospel since 1973, and continues to lead a vital ministry to Senior Citizens in Georgetown, Texas. In addition to his church work, David is a published author with numerous national articles and books to his credit. David has completed over 300 hours of sewing machine technical trainings. He actively supported and learned sewing, home décor, quilting, embroidery, from his wife of thirty seven years. They worked together in their sewing business known as The Sewing Studio for many years providing custom sewing, costume design, drapery production, and sewing machine service.

David is an accomplished sewing machine technician with over ten years of experience. Currently, David teaches embroidery design classes, and manages the accounting for the company.

Donna Trumble

Donna fell in love with sewing as a nine year old girl, and has been fascinated by sewing, home décor, heirloom sewing, custom sewing, costume design, alterations, and quilting ever since.  She has been a professional seamstress since 1968, when she operated her own alterations business to pay her way through college.   

While teaching in public schools, Donna was constantly amazing her fellow teachers and friends with her sewing skills.  As mother of five children, Donna provided steady flow of quality clothes, suits, dresses, window dressings, and more.   

Donna has original designs that have appeared across the country in Revolutionary War reenactments, wrestling rings, and formal events.  Over the past fifteen years, Donna has managed an alterations shop, a drapery and window covering workroom, custom sewing center, and opened her own sewing and quilting stores.  Today, Donna is responsible for the sewing education of three sewing centers in central Texas.  She is affectionately known by her customers and friends as “The Sewing Machine Lady”.

Donna and her husband, David have been married for thirty seven years.   They have five grown children, four sons and a daughter.  They also have seven grandchildren (at last count).  They have a very active church life with David preaching and teaching every Sunday. 

Jeremiah & Jennifer Trumble

At the age of fourteen, Jeremiah would sit beside his father, David, at the repair bench. After a machine was repaired, Jeremiah would clean it off. Jeremiah now has many years of sewing and repair experience, and has completed Bernina University and Babylock Tech as well as numerous other technical trainings. Jeremiah is one of the top sewing machine technicians in Texas. In addition to his repair expertise, Jeremiah manages a local sewing machine store, teaches sewing and quilting classes, and provides professional technical support. Jeremiah and his wife Jennifer (also an accomplished seamstress) love making things together. They have three preschool children, and live on eight acres in the country.

Several other staff members who will go unmentioned here participate in the development and operation of Sewing

Sewing Answers.Com may be reached at the following address.


Steven Weathers

In 1993, when David Trumble began servicing sewing machines, he began looking to Steven Weathers as a mentor and teacher.  Whenever David received a machine for service that he found overly difficult, he would take the machine to Steve who guided him through the repair.  Over the years the relationship with Steven expanded and deepened.  In 2000, The Sewing Studio owned by Donna and David Trumble merged with Steven's recently opened Temple Sewing And Supply, Inc..  Steven had three stores at the time offering Bernina, Brother, and Janome sewing machine sales and service.  The assets of The Sewing Studio provided a significant boost for the company.  Steven continues to be a favorite mentor and advisor.  Steven and his wife Patricia are joint owners with David and Donna Trumble in the Temple Sewing And Supply, Inc company which owns and operates three sewing machine retail stores: Killeen Sew & Quilt, Temple Sew & Quilt, and Bernina Sew & Quilt of Waco, Texas.  The company website is which serves as a local website serving local customers.

Sewing Answers.Com
C/o Dr. David Trumble
502 San Gabriel Blvd.
Georgetown, Texas 78628

Office (512)819-9610
Fax (512)868-6703

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